An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Setting Up IT Support

Most new business owners prefer to leave technology management to the end to focus on the core business operations. It is common for entrepreneurs to rely on friends and family for IT support. However, if you are a business owner starting out on a new venture, it takes more than a couple of devices andRead more

Vipre Antivirus Guide – A Rundown of Secure Support

From large-scale businesses’ IT professionals to home-based computer users, high-functioning antivirus software is a growing demand. People require a protection platform that encompasses ease-of-use and extensive defensive capabilities. Consisting of all these features and many more, Vipre antivirus has become a favored choice for all types of computer users. Whether you are looking for browserRead more

Protecting Your Business Systems Against Cyber Attacks

As years go on, cyber attacks against businesses occur more frequently. As more organizations adapt to technology for day to day operations, the need for pre-planned defensive techniques has become necessary. From “maybe, can happen” to actually happening, cyber attacks have risen at an alarming rate. The tech culture of open-source codes and various learningRead more

5 Common Problems With Your Office Scanner

Technology systems are a blessing indeed. Scanners, for that matter, have contributed well to the digital age by deducting a whole lot of messy papers and files from our desks. But once this technology goes awry, it gets frustrating. Forms, contracts, delivery orders and other documents; offices require a lot of data duplication, most ofRead more

Speed Up Microsoft Outlook 2016 in These Simple Steps

Microsoft Outlook is constantly updated to sport the latest, more secure features. After all, business communication today heavily relies on Outlook emails. If you’re using the 2016 version, you’re in for a ride! Microsoft Outlook 2016 offers interactive mailing service, equally befitting your business and personal communication needs.