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An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Setting Up IT Support

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Most new business owners prefer to leave technology management to the end to focus on the core business operations. It is common for entrepreneurs to rely on friends and family for IT support.

However, if you are a business owner starting out on a new venture, it takes more than a couple of devices and some home-user level applications. Your business needs a stable technical support. Not only will that set you up for potential growth, it will also save a lot of money in the future.

What To Look For

Most basic business functions require IT support, and without proper components, your business will face a lot of hindrances.

· Hardware

Match your devices with your business’ day-to-day tasks. Choose devices which come with extended warranties and possible repair service support.

· Software Support

The effective software is crucial for effective planning and performance.

  • Email: Needless to say, you need email support for communicating internally with your work staff, as well as externally contacting your clients. Multitasking communication software allows you to manage email and scheduling together.
  • Office Tools: Whether your business provides products or services, you need the tools to draw up client orders, manage inventory, staff and keep track of finances.

· Networking

Network connectivity is the backbone of an efficient communication system. Whether your new venture has 5 or 15 employees, you need a proper network design. It will not only set up internal communication and data transfer system but also allow you to connect to your clients, with effective boundaries to avoid compromising data privacy.

Web-based storage and application services are a growing trend amongst new businesses. You may need to be able to access your data across multiple devices.

· Security

Security is imperative in a business, small or large. Your personal data, staff information, client confidentiality data, order forms; every aspect of your business is vulnerable to cyber attacks from within and outside your business when there is no adequate security system.

Where To Look For

Excel Tech Guru caters to needs of entrepreneurs by providing updated online computer support services at affordable rates. Our specializations include discounted antivirus support and 24/7 online support solution.

We have years of experience in providing IT support to various types of businesses, based in and out of US. From startup technical support to additional services for business growth, we provide all kinds of IT management so that you can focus on your primary business tasks.

Contact us today by calling our toll free number, +1 (240) 775-8797. You can also write to us at

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