We provide online technical support to our customers. The company is a foreign-based company in the USA. Leading IT solutions are provided for the network, security, and computing services. Our teams of experts are there for solving data security solutions and consultations.  We deliver overall industry support and services online for all types of businesses in the USA. The affordable enterprise-level computers and printers’ support and protection are provided. The maintenance of malware protection and data backup.

Our experts are fully trained to provide high-level printers support and services. The solutions are provided to various customers who are satisfied with our services and support. Customer’s needs and requirements are given importance first. Secure technology is used to provide the best possible services. Excel tech guru is considered to be a one-stop solution for all your online technical support as we have a solution for each problem and our services are available 24/7. Solvent technology is a brand name for excel tech guru which provides expertise in solving issues related to printers, scanners, computer systems, operating systems and viruses, malware, etc.


Following services and support is provided –

  • Printer help in which various types of problems which occurs in printers like troubleshooting, its setup, and configuration, etc. Technical and professional team is available which provides help and support to our customers.
  • Router support is provided which includes setup and installation of the router, wireless connection set-up in multiple devices, and help in securing the network.
  • Computer help which involves improving the speed of the computer system, fixing virus, malware issues, recovery of data and fixing the wireless problems, etc.
  • Tablet and mobile support are provided in which improved performance of the devices, connectivity repair, setup of the security, various applications set-up, etc.
  • Anti-virus support is provided in which issues regarding the updates, installation, set-up and data recovery, etc.
  • Apple and MAC support services in which performance is enhanced of the device, network connectivity issues, app updates issues, etc. All this is managed and solved by our technical expert’s team in a convenient and efficient manner.
  • Microsoft Windows support is provided in which removal of virus, security issues, connectivity issues, Windows running slow etc.

All the above services and support provided by our company with the help of technical experts who have the knowledge and are productive, efficient, reliable in solving your problems.


Below reasons are provided for selecting us as your technical issues solution providers-

  1. We provide unlimited devices support like in mobile, tablet, computers, and printers.
  2. Affordable prices are offered to our customers.
  3. 100% the money-back guarantee in case of any inconvenience or damage caused.
  4. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Excel tech guru is there to help and offer their excellent, incredible customer services and support which is the main reason for the success of the company. Full IT support and services are provided to our customers for their overall satisfaction by working according to their needs and requirements.