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Speed Up Microsoft Outlook 2016 in These Simple Steps

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Microsoft Outlook is constantly updated to sport the latest, more secure features. After all, business communication today heavily relies on Outlook emails.

If you’re using the 2016 version, you’re in for a ride! Microsoft Outlook 2016 offers interactive mailing service, equally befitting your business and personal communication needs.

Usually, it works without any disruption or connection problems. You will enjoy speedy mailing and optimal syncing. But, if you’re facing problems with speed or want to improve it further, adopt these tips:

Clean up junk and spam emails

These files may be infected. Letting them rest in the junk or spam folder is a risk. They often have spyware or adware that can slow down the speed of Microsoft Outlook.

Remove all such emails or scan the ones that potentially have malware infection. Remove other unnecessary emails as well to enjoy high speed, uninterrupted services.

Timely clean up will help avoid slow running of the emails and keep the communication effortless…

Archive emails to save space 

For high speeds, be space savvy! If your Outlook inbox takes time to load every time you open it, think about moving emails to the Archive folder. This way, you can retrieve them anytime you want.

Moving a bulk of emails can quickly improve speed as well as loading time. You will notice the difference the first time you open the inbox after the move.

If you need help, you can always call our online Microsoft Outlook support experts.

Go for cached exchange mode

Putting your mail on this mode will enable your account to transfer all your mails for (PST) server to your local system. This will take less time to load your emails and enhance communication speed.

Your system loads the messages immediately without needing to connect with the server. But it only works if you connect it with the exchange server in order to fetch data.

Don’t share or publish Outlook calendars

You may enjoy sharing the calendar with your partners, employees or other members in the office. But it slows down your inbox!

As the account builds up more data from the Internet, it starts slowing down too. Cut the activity down to one or two tasks only and receive prompt emails.

Want to disable the function completely? Our experts can help configure your account according to your requirements.

Contact our managed IT services in California for more information. Visit our website or call the toll free number, +1 (240) 775-8797. You can also write to us at

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