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20% Discount on Printer and Scanner Support


Excel Tech Guru offers computer services to more than 1000 computers and printers and our customers are happy with our online support services. We offer online and remote support services for computers, printers and scanners. We help you to configure and personalize settings of your computer, laptop and mobile devices with printers and scanners. If you have issues with connectivity of printers and scanners with your PC, Macs, Laptops and other devices, we will provide you instant support to resolve your problem. Connectivity can be a major issues in printers when multiple devices are connected to one single printer and scanner.

Our team of printer and scanner support will assist you with all your wired, wireless and other connectivity modes. We will help you to update the latest printer and scanner device drivers. We will also help you optimize your printer and scanner settings so that you save electricity and ink and maximize your printers performance. Latest printers have advanced features which users are not aware of. You can connect and transfer photos from your digital cameras and mobile devices to printers. You can use your printers to print from photo sites like Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. We will assist you identifying fake cartridges so that you get only quality prints. Issues like driver not found, faulty printing, paper jams, unable to reset print commands are common and so our team of online printer support will stay connected with you and configure your printer for optimum performance.

So if you are looking to for online printer support for home or office purpose, let our team of experts guide you and save your precious time. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

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