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Handling Sensitive Customer Data? Keep Hackers At Bay With These Tips

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Businesses handle sensitive and personal client data—data that requires critical security measures from any external cyber-threats.

This includes preventing any internal unauthorized access, as well as any external attack.

Various businesses became targets of major cyber-attacks by the end of last year, confirming that hackers stand out as evolving threats.

Aside from personal computer systems, data is also stored in virtual servers and websites. That raises the number of points where a potential hacker can access stored data. Implementation of security measures against hackers requires the understanding and analysis of how data security works. Here are a few guidelines on how personal and client data can be protected:

Security starts internally

  • Invest in IT cyber security for continuous monitoring and protection of data.When we talk about data, we refer to data in general use of all employees in a workplace. Basic security starts at the lowest hierarchical levels.
  • Authorized access controls
  • Legal data sharing notices
  • Anti-virus systems
  • Mail monitoring

These are key examples of basic security measures that go a long way to provide protection against possible internal schemes.

  • A number of other network security measures can be implemented for protection. These include:
  • Construct a firewall to avert potential threats by likely intruders
  • Strengthen system by deploying timed-lockdowns
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Like a multi-fenced wall, security systems should be layered with alerts in place. In that manner, even if a hacker is able to get past the first layer, not only will that still leave virtual boundaries left around customer data, but IT support can take appropriate measures for defense once alerted to the intrusion.

Choose the right security measures

  • Choosing a security system requires careful consideration. The most expensive data security systems cannot ensure complete data preservation; after all, even large-scale businesses with a sizable budget for surety service are prone to cyber-attacks. Choosing the right IT service requires research and testing.
  • For transferring data, implementation of data encryption occurs on different levels. Understanding how cryptography works is straightforward, given enough time to learn; encryption algorithms used to secure business data can be deciphered. The usefulness of data encryption is rather ambiguous, and while it is effective enough, encryption alone is not enough to protect transferred data.

Know what to reveal

  • When carrying out any security initiative, the attempts to do so should be inconspicuous, even to those who are authorized to access secured data. The less the certainty, the less likely are the attempts to bypass initiative, hiding your data in plain sight.

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