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The Impact Of Internet Speed On Business Productivity

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You may already realize the importance of high internet speed if all your business operations are based online.

The US’s ecommerce sector is increasing day by day. ReferralCandy, a Singapore based business, that helps U.S. online retail stores gain automated referrals determined an accurate estimate of e-commerce retailers in the United States.

Using figures from Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide and 2013 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the company determined the final number to be 102,728.

Now imagine their state of affairs and non-productivity if internet stops working completely or even slows down for some time?

Importance of High Internet Bandwidth for Business Operations

Businesses today rely on their internet speed, more than ever. It doesn’t matter if they base their operations and services completely online or require internet for conducting only a few tasks. The fact of the matter is: high internet speeds are as important to the customer as to your own business operation.

Does the start of your day begin with email checking and response?

Do your employees require fast internet for their daily research?

Does your customer service team need to follow-back to customer queries, giving solutions through website’s help desk?

It’s the speed of your internet that determines how quickly the above tasks are conducted. In addition, the speed of your internet service affects quality of your customers’ experience, either when corresponding to online tech support or accessing applications on your website.

High internet speeds can affect your business on all fronts, from marketing and providing good service to operating certain processes of your business.

High Internet Bandwidth – Understanding What Real Speed Is…

Now that you know importance of high speed internet for your business operations, securing fast internet should be your next concern. Do you know what internet speeds are available to you?

Look for a high internet bandwidth when selecting possible internet vendors. Bandwidth determines maximum data transfer rate of an internet or network connection. It measures amount of data that can be sent over a specific connection in a certain amount of time, without data lagging.

Increasing Internet Connectivity for Your Business

While spending top dollar should provide high internet connectivity and speed, it’s not always a guarantee. There are steps that can be taken to ensure high internet connectivity such as:

  • Test your connection speed
  • Update your firmware or get a new modem
  • Check modem parameters
  • Troubleshoot line quality
  • Use a download managing program
  • Optimize your software settings

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