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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of BYOD!

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You don’t have any say with what employees do with their Smartphones while on (or off) the clock, right?

It’s their business after all. Not quite.

Anything that interferes with a business’s smooth operation should concern employers.

This includes BYOD.

But why should bringing a personal device to work be worrisome for you, as an employer?

Drastic Increase in BYOD at the Global Market

The concept of bringing your own device at the workplace has become incredibly popular, after Intel, Blackstone and others implemented BYOD in their operations. In fact, more and more companies are adopting this concept seeing the positive result enjoyed by big shot businesses.

By the end of this year, the global market of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is expected to rise up to $181.39 billion. Employee satisfaction and convenience is guaranteed with implementation of this concept. In fact, there are other benefits as well:

Help Save Money

Allowing employees to bring their own devices to work will help your business save a lot of money. How? You won’t have to buy each employee a specific or separate computer device or equipment.

Increase Employee Happiness and Satisfaction

Many companies are bringing BYOD into their policies, as this helps increase turnout of possible employees. Additionally, BYOD concept helps with employee retention and convenience. Some other sure-fire benefits of following this relatively new concept are:

  • BYOD helps boost productivity
  • Users can have access to latest computing technology

No concept is free from criticism and risk, BYOD is included in this list too:

Risks of Implementing BYOD Policy

Major risks faced by companies when implementing this interesting yet controversial policy are concerned with:

Security Concerns

This concern is arguably the most common and harrowing for employers. Concerns regarding personal device usage in the workplace arise mostly around data theft or tampering. Insufficient security on BYODs sometimes exposes sensitive corporate data of the company to the mercy of cyber-criminals.

Another scenario may also take place, i.e. installation of un-trusted applications or failure to update device software. This increases a company’s vulnerability.

Privacy Issues

Many people don’t realize this, but BYOD devices blur the line between organizational and employee liability. Increased usage and practice of BYOD at the workplace has raised certain challenges for their IT departments. Intrusion of privacy is a big negative factor that affects workplaces and their employees.

As an employee, you may feel your workplace is spying on every action taken through the device considering an employer has full access to the device.

Are you thinking of implementing this policy within your workplace’s framework? First establish a strong and clear policy for employees regarding BYOD use. Secondly, implement security guidelines and protocols, designed with the help of Excel Tech Guru!

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