Quick Steps to Solve Yahoo Mail Connection Failure Error

Yahoo Mail Connection Failure An American web-based service provider, Yahoo is one of the major companies, from providing email platforms to having its own search engine, and Yahoo Mail Server is a one-stop destination for various tasks and activities. Its growth and reputation are remarkable and in the earliest days of the internet and technology,Read more

[Fixed] Comcast email problems | +1-888-479-5919

Comcast email problems One of the most well-known Telecommunication internet service providers who also provide assistance for other aspects and platforms which was first initiated in the United States. It is also commonly used for and supports major email services. One can also access the mails under the Xfinity website after clicking on the sign.Read more

How to Fix Email rejected by the Server

Email rejected by Server Gadgets have not only made our lives easier but also hassle-free and exciting, even though some might agree to the fact that it has also made it just as complex and stressful, especially in case of little bugs and errors that keep on occurring no matter how much you try toRead more

[Fixed] Outlook Server Responded 421 Error

Outlook server responded 421 Error Microsoft Outlook is a well-known and famous application used to store mails, send and receive them along with managing other various tasks through the platform like setting up calendars for meetings, managing contacts, appointments, information, notes, etc. It is used for both personal and professional use as it does guaranteeRead more

[Fixed] Outlook Failed To Update Headers Error

Outlook failed to update headers Microsoft Outlook, one of the many platforms provided by MS is one of the most well-known email service providers along with other services like storing information, data, setting up appointments and reminders for it, contacts, and messages. Not just that it also helps one to get direct access to otherRead more

IMAP Server not responding [Solved]

IMAP Server not responding IMAP refers to the Internet Message Access Protocol. It helps one access and store mails on a mail server. In a layman language, it lets one access their mails on the internet wherever they are, on whatever device they are on, i.e. different systems. There are many mailing services like Gmail,Read more

[FIXED] POP3 Server Not Responding

POP3 Server Not Responding The error of POP3 server not responding is no stranger to any technology user. Post Office Protocol Version 3, also commonly referred to as POP3 Server is a simple and standard mail protocol that allows one to receive and restore mails where one can access them even if offline. However, whenRead more


Hello there, Are you facing WINDOWS ACTIVATION ERROR 0XC004F213? Don’t worry then here at Exceltechguru you will get to know how to resolve this error. Windows activation helps users to check if the windows copy is genuine or real. Windows is considered to be the part of Microsoft which always and in a regular mannerRead more


Hey, are you facing any error regarding WINDOWS UPDATE ERROR 0X00F0805 IN WINDOWS 10, well then this article is for you here you will get the solution for this error. Microsoft releases several updates for Windows 10 version regularly to improve its system performance and security, the efficiency of working of the Windows and computer.Read more