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Three Simple Computer Security Risks You Might Not Be Familiar With

Most people understand the routine of starting up our antivirus software program and also performing a quick system scan or depending on additional integrated protection which come per-loaded in each of our gadgets, but antivirus software and in-build software measures are only some of the points that will keep your laptop or computer safeguarded. An incredible distinguishing aspect in whether or not your computer or laptop could possibly get malware, adware and spyware is experience. Understanding what to be on the search for and the way to safeguard oneself ahead of time on your every day processing time can easily and definitely will prevent from a great deal of problems down the road, so listed below are three simple computer security risks you might not be familiar with.

USB Drive Malware Attacks

USB Malware Attack

Malware attacks can occur in a short time in case a dangerous USB is connected to your computer or laptop. Most people readily insert any random USB devices to find whats inside. Latest Operating Systems don’t execute USB drives automatically, however the the majority of sophisticated malware could possibly get around this easily. The simplest way to stay secure is usually to be cautious of what you connect to your laptop or computer. If there is no antivirus software installed on your laptop or computer, it may actually have some sort of safety measures available in-build, thus ensure it’s properly set up and activated. Or else, operate a comprehensive computer virus scan on any kind of new devices whenever you connect them.

Webcam Hacking

Webcam hacking Prevention

The simplest method to prevent online criminals from your webcams simply to tape on the web camera, or utilise the integrated shutter. Additionally there is certain software program that adjustments you may make too. In Window, start Device Manager, simply right click your webcam then select disable. In Windows 10 you can select Privacy then Camera to decide on which programs may or may not utilise the webcam.

Pop-ups and Social Media Attacks

Pop Up Ads Malware

When it comes to laptop or computer use we need be more cautious of dubious email messages and communications that pop-up over social networking, considering carefully before doing so on pop-ups and also prompts in your computer or laptop or even mobile devices, and also getting cautious with regard to the data, regardless of whether that’s on the internet,face-to-face or over the telephone. Additionally be careful of phishing attacks these days.

To stay safe well in advance is the key to your security. Always contact a online technical support company to get maximum security.  You should also read our blog post on WHY BACKING UP YOUR DATA PERIODICALLY IS OF CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE

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How Does Two Factor Authentication Work In Detail

Two factor authentication is actually a strong technique of incorporating additional protection into a service or product by necessitating an individual to produce their particular conventional username and passwords, plus an extra component of data which may can be found in various forms. Lots of people consider two factor authentication as not necessary unwanted steps as it requires some effort and takes time to log in. An individual likely have encountered this. Nevertheless, two factor authentication provides extra safety to your essential data simply by making it more difficult for individuals to gain access to a person’s accounts. It is wise to get two factor authentication whenever possible, considering that the disadvantage of getting some seconds is greatly outweighed with the level of safety this method may add.

You can find three primary techniques onto which the kinds of two factor authentication could be categorized upon.

1. Physical Authentication

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Physical authentication of USB devices are a faster way in order to increase an additional layer of safety on your accounts. Obviously, these devices may also be the simplest way to misplace. In case you are to some degree unorganised, you could possibly find yourself burning off one of these simple authentication keys, which may bring about additional time getting lost than only a couple of minutes. To overcome this, the majority of USB authenticator keys are created to ensure that they are able to link to your key chain.
Secondly, much less widely used two-step authentication is via bio-metric scanner. Probably the most typical type of this that you simply might run in to when configuring two-step authentication is fingerprint scanning.

2.Emails and Text Messages


email security










Email authentication is certainly a popular method of authenticating website records. This is what we do when we reset our passwords. When we use email for two stage authentication we have to simply click a web link mailed in an e-mail to confirm that it’s you seeking to access your account, or you have to enter in a one-time password after you’ve entered your account information.Text message or SMS authentication functions in the same manner. The massive risk behind SMS authentication is that you simply have to depend on your mobile phone company to help you get the message comprising your password. If you utilise SMS as an easy way in order to obtain two-factor authentication, ensure that you simply are typically in a location that your particular company operates.

3.Application Authentication (Google 2 factor authentication)


sms authentication

Some applications can be utilised to put together two factor authentication on your account.For instance,when you download the Steam application in your mobile phone, it is possible to setup two factor authentication whenever you login on your computer system. Programs like the Google Two Factor Authenticator app produce a single-use, unique authentication code that expires and is changed after specific amount of time.

Two factor authentication is among one of many options for safeguarding your individual data as well as your laptop or computer. We hope this blog encouraged you to view two-factor authentication differently. Bear in mind,in case your laptop or computer gets slow and face problems of virus and malware or in the event you possess other technical problems and issues, get the best PC help from Excel Tech Guru.


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Be Aware Of Malware Attacks Done Through Emails and PowerPoint File

As though right now there weren’t currently ample good reasons to doubt your current email messages, a ransom ware infection at the end of May 2017 revealed that cyber criminals hold the capacity to acquire money and data without having a person’s knowledge. Clearly, actually these people don’t, however that’s not really exactly what all of the news headlines says.

A large number of internet attacks as well as media content count on panic to obtain their outcomes. The majority of ransomware makes use of the fear of computer file removal to obtain their affected individuals to pay for the illegal funds, and may even or may well not eliminate anything anyway following the target pays off ransom. Online criminals don’t have to use fearfulness to obtain your funds however, without knowing that it is simple to get a malware via a specific approach works equally as well.

We all know you may get malware, adware and spyware by means of email messages, of course, if you were not aware of it, now you know this well. Luckily for us, a person usually have to open up the malware-ridden e-mail and click on a web link or download and install a file prior to compromising your individual data and also laptop or computer,there is however nevertheless a chance you may well wind up doing simply that. Therefore, here’s the newest email ransomware infection techniques: get the person to download a Microsoft PowerPoint file.


Yep, it’s not necessarily a brand-new method, however it’s tried and tested to work. The particular mail informs the recipient to discover an attached receipt or purchase form and also the e-mail incorporates an attached PowerPoint file. After downloading it and starting the PowerPoint file, you’ll view a individual hyperlink in the middle of the slide which usually states “Loading…please wait” written.

It’s not so advanced looking, however if you are running an old type of PowerPoint version which does not possess the Protected View feature, all you need to do to acquire malware is float your cursor on the “Loading…please wait” link. A person doesn’t even need to click on the link, just hovering a person’s mouse button cursor on the words will execute a PowerShell script that may provide your laptop or computer a Trojan perfect for robbing personal username and passwords. If you feel your laptop or computer is attacked, think about performing an antivirus software check such as full scan or quick scan which most antivirus softwares provide, obtain a good antivirus from a trusted online antivirus support company, or – in the event you find you have no alternatives/don’t worry about whatever you placed on your Laptop or computer -factory resetting it prior to doing online transactions comprising your individual or billing data. You must read our 4 SECURITY MEASURES TO KEEP IN MIND IN 2018 FOR YOUR COMPUTERS AND MOBILES

You can also check out our simple video on how to remove malware from PC

Easy methods to keep your computer or laptop device running smoothly

It’s irritating whenever your laptop or computer is running slower than normal, or perhaps won’t execute a job it used to. At times, it’s possible you have to call a online tech support team like Excel Tech Guru, to diagnose and restore the issue, but there are numerous things that you could choose to use to keep your laptop or computer working efficiently. Listed below are things you can do to keep your computer or laptop running effectively without any issues.

First very primary step is to buy a good antivirus virus from a online technical support company in US which provides 24/7 online antivirus support and manage anti-virus software program on your desktop or laptop. In case your computer gets corrupted,it might be some sort of entry within your whole work or home system, which the online criminals may use to damage a lot more computing devices. Your computing devices could even be utilized to harm other systems, without you knowing this.

Most people argue saying we don’t have a high budget to buy antivirus software. Fortunately, you need not pay big bucks to obtain great safety. There are a variety of excellent anti-virus software and anti-malware programs in the market today. Many antivirus companies also offer free versions of their software which we don’t recommend because free antivirus are prone to attacks. For us as users our data is very valuable which we cannot compromise.

For people using windows desktops and laptops Windows Defender comes along with Windows OS, and it’s totally free. But it is no secret that Windows Defender is usually constantly below the scale in terms of diagnosing and eliminating infections. We strongly recommend third-party antivirus software for total protection.
Antivirus Tech Support- Excel Tech Guru

An important suggestion. Have only a single anti-virus software on your personal computer whenever you want. Possessing a variety of anti-virus applications don’t invariably play well together, as well as when they do, having each of them running simultaneously is surely an unneeded drain on your own computer’s resources. So,in case your laptop or computer currently comes with an anti-virus working, remove it prior to installing another anti-virus application. If you are looking for a reliable online antivirus support company, contact Excel Tech Guru at +1-888-479-5919

Protect Data while travelling

4 Simple Precautions for Regular Travelers to Protect Themselves from Online Hackers

You may be travelling for work or enjoyment; it’s likely you’re signing in for work while you’re on trip. Be it in your cell phone or notebook computer, you ought to be more careful with all your internet connection throughout the trip. Cyber criminals know there are devices full to the brim with possible targets. Avoid getting into troubles using our following tips.

Be Aware of Threats

Your cell phone, tablet pc, or additional device is a total computer device in itself. It is actually vulnerable to dangers built into web based transactions. While shopping, consumer banking, or posting personal data on the internet, consider the same safety measures with all your cell phone or another gadget that you simply do with your own individual computer. The mobile aspect of such gadgets signifies that it’s also wise to take safety measures for your physical safety of one’s device and think about the way you might be accessing the online world.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi systems

Stay away from open Wi-Fi networks to perform individual company, bank, or shop on the web. Open Wi-Fi networks at different places for example airport terminals, coffee houses, along with other public spots provide a potential for opponents to identify hypersensitive info that you’d probably provide to perform an internet based purchase. In the event you quickly must examine your bank balance or purchase online when you are touring, switch off your mobile or laptop’s Wi-Fi network and make use of your cell phone’s  cellular data Net connection rather than doing the transaction over an unsafe Wi-Fi network.

Switch off Bluetooth when not being used

Bluetooth-enabled devices could possibly help, for example earbuds for hands-free communicating as well as external keyboards for simplicity of inputting. When these units aren’t being used, switch off the Bluetooth in your cell phone. Online hackers are capable to match together with your cell phone’s available Bluetooth link while you are not utilizing it and gain access to your sensitive information.

Avoid charging your devices at terminals

Prevent attaching your cell phone to any computer or charging spot that you don’t manage, like a charging spot in an flight terminal or even a shared laptop or computer in a library. Attaching a cellphone with a computer system utilizing a USB wire enables application running on that laptop or computer to have interaction with all the phone in manners that a person may well not assume. As a consequence, a harmful computer system could obtain access to your vulnerable information or deploy new application.

How to avoid getting into trouble while travelling?

A simple solution is contact a trusted online antivirus seller and a remote technical support company which will take care of the above issues while you enjoy and work without any worries and stress. Call Excel Tech Guru now at 1-888-479-5919 to secure your devices.

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Struggling to find the ideal technical support company at an affordable price? Fed up with support people who are not able to answer and resolve your problems and you are tired spending high cost to discover that the problems were not resolved. We at ExcelTechGuru use top-notch solutions to fix and resolve your troubles without you worrying much. Don’t believe us, read our testimonials from clients who have been with us for years now.

Many technical problems are faced by home, office and online businesses. A few of the common troubles include: Computer virus, Malware and Spyware Removal, Adware Removal, Slow PC working, Browser Problems, Printer and Scanner Support, Microsoft Office Support and Online Antivirus Support. A good technical support company should assist the client knowing their computing devices better so that it is easier for them to use.

A trusted online technical support company should provide 24/7 top-notch technical support services in United States and Canada where they claim to offer their services. They should be able to identify your troubles and provide the best result at cost-effective rates. Company should be strongly recommended by other customers who make use of their services and were satisfied with the services they were offered. You can visit our website for numerous positive testimonials and reviews of our services. Company should also provide on-time repair with cost-effective price points. So if you have a PC or Mac issues just a call away should be solution to the all the problems a customer might be facing and should be able to help them run like new in no time.

We provide top-notch customer support services. We will diagnose your problems and give the right results at an affordable price. Our company comes highly recommended by other clients that use our services and was very happy and please with the service that we provide. Visit our website for many positive comments and reviews on the net. Clients also said our company is efficient in solving their problems. We also provide on-time repair with affordable prices. So if you have a PC or Mac Issues give us a call our experience tech will be happy to solve your issues get you back up and running like new.

With our Remote Computer Support Services we can easily troubleshoot and fix your issues in the convenience of your own home or small enterprise to identify your problems anywhere in the world. ExcelTechGuru provides all types of Remote Computer Support services in United Stated and Canada. You can call on our toll free number anytime to resolve your issues. We have always treated our consumers like friends and family and we value them more as a person not just a paycheck cause we understand the way it feel whenever your Laptop or computer is not working and you waste your precious time trying to make it work.

If you are looking for a genuine and trusted online technical support company in US and Canada, you can visit or call 1-888-479-5919 to talk to our technical experts any time.

Backup Data

Why Backing Up Your Data Periodically Is Of Crucial Importance

What is Back Up?

In it, a backup or the entire process of copying describes making copies of information to ensure that these extra copies enables you to restore the initial following a loss of data event. These extra copies are usually known as “backups.” The verb has returned in two words, whereas the noun is backup (frequently used as an adjective in compound nouns).

Backups are helpful mainly for 2 purposes. The very first is to revive a condition carrying out a disaster (known as disaster recovery). The second reason is to revive small figures of files after they’ve been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Loss of data can also be common. 66% of online users have endured from serious loss of data.

Since a backup system contains a minimum of one copy of data worth saving, the information storage needs are considerable. Organizing this space for storage and handling the backup process is really a complicated undertaking. An information repository model may be used to provide structure towards the storage. In the current era of computing there are various kinds of data storage devices which are helpful to make backups. There’s also a number of ways by which these units could be arranged to supply geographic redundancy, data security, and portability.

Before information is delivered to its storage location, it’s selected, extracted, and manipulated. A variety of techniques happen to be designed to optimize the backup procedure. Included in this are optimizations for coping with open files and live data sources in addition to compression, file encryption, and de-duplication, amongst others. Many organizations and people attempt to trust that the operation is being employed as expected and try to define measurements and validation techniques. It’s also vital that you recognize the constraints and human factors involved with any backup plan. Online technical support services from ExcelTechGuru can help you with all technical issues related to your home and office computers and other devices

How crucial would be the data inside your device?

How important is your data is the question you need to ask yourself. This importance determines whether or not it needs to be backed up. As well as when and how it should be backed up. Have redundant backup sets that extend back for several backup periods, if your data is critical. For other less important data, you don’t need elaborate back up plan. By having your data backed up regularly, you can retrieve it back at later point of time. How important could be the data. This importance determines whether it ought to be supported. Furthermore to how and when it should be supported. Have redundant backup sets that stretch back for several backup periods, in situation your computer data is vital. For other less important data, you do not need elaborate support plan. By permitting important data supported regularly, you can retrieve it back at later cause of time.

Remember some tips for backing up your data

  • How frequently does your computer data require a support. This determines the regularity from the backup. For example, data that changes daily ought to be supported daily.
  • Data that does not appear vital might be necessary for another person. Thus, the kind of information the information contains will help you determine if you want to support the information-in addition to how and when the information ought to be supported.
  • Back up your critical online data quickly. Change your support plan in line with the need for your computer data. Time is a vital element in developing a plan B. Strengthen your computer data recovery with the aid of data backup and recovery solutions.

Data Backup Services

If you want expert guidance on computer repair support and need to contact computer technical support company, contact ExcelTechGuru at  1-888-479-5919.  You can also check out our blog on 4 SECURITY MEASURES TO KEEP IN MIND IN 2018 FOR YOUR COMPUTERS AND MOBILES

4 Security Measures To Keep in Mind in 2018 For Your Computers and Mobiles

With new year 2018 just started, it’s perfect time for organizations to re-evaluate their cyber-security techniques and decide if your controls and practices set up are sufficient to ensure that they’re protected from cyber-threats. One thing we all can depend upon in the new year is the hazard situation not getting any much better. Contrary, it it’s very likely to worsen.

Knowing that, listed here are four security predictions to bear in mind while you take a look at security measures:

1. Mobile Threats

Mobile attacks are rising because of the proliferation of cellular devices and apps. As companies of any size more and more depend on mobile phone applications to improve functionality and productivity, online hackers will target flaws during these apps to interrupt into systems and steal data.

2. Security in IoT

Because the adoption from the IoT accelerates, same goes with the safety risks connected with connected “things.” IoT devices missing sufficient native security will give you an enormous target for online hackers.

3. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has proven so financially rewarding for hackers, it is bound to remain a significant threat for organizations for your possible future. Cybercriminals will keep to use phishing and obtaining innovative intrusions to generate ransomware. They’re going to realize your aspirations in gathering ransom from subjects often enough to carry on to utilize ransomware as a good cyberattack strategy.

4. Software Intrusions

It appears any time you change, there’s another software vulnerability that should be patched. This issue will persist and obtain worse because attack surfaces are growing because of mobile and IoT apps. Keeping systems updated by making use of security patches every time they can be found and tested will end up increasingly more important. Automating the operation is a great way.


If you are looking to protect your computers and workstations from ever increasing possible threats, reach out a trusted online antivirus support company like ExcelTech Guru at 1-888-226-2045

Printer and Scanner Support

Ultimate Checklist before buying a new printer device

If you are planning to get a new inkjet printer, it might be a very time consuming process, particularly when you have a basic idea of the number of great functionalities and capabilities that modern computer printers could add to your arsenal. Buying a printer can be a simple process if you are clear on what exactly your needs are. When you have decided upon the sort of tasks that you’ll require the gadget to carry out, you could start to assess which characteristics are crucial – and the ones you don’t actually need. You can also reach out for fast online printer and scanner support now. We have shared how to purchase a new printing device, along with the items to look out for when selecting your brand-new printer product:

1. Startup or Small business

Startups and small businesses should avoid spending too much on a printer. The printing tasks and activities are less compared to large organizations. You should have an estimate on how many pages would be printed every month just to be sure. Also we need to get basic idea of different inks and toner cartridges available. Our goal to reduce and minimize printing price per document. Consider buying a multifunction printer machine so that printing, scanning and faxing from different machines becomes easy. This also helps us for office space which might not an issue in big organization but small startups and businesses need to consider it too. A single connectivity is enough over Wi-Fi in case of small businesses and network connectivity might not be required. Promotional material for the businesses is usually outsourced but you are planning to do it in-house then you need to take that into account and go for a slightly high cost printer. Printing resolution is of prime importance while deciding on the printer for small businesses and startups. We also should know if relying on black and white printing is enough or not. Also you can use automatic duplex to make sure your printouts are both-sided.

2. Large Organizations

When we talk about big organizations which many employees and many activities, we need to consider and take into account many additional elements before buying. Printing speed is not a big element in startups and small businesses when you are going to print occasionally in small numbers but speed becomes crucial element in big organizations because many printing activities might work simultaneously and one department should not wait till time some other department is printing some papers. Capacity of printer is also to be taken into consideration. Size of the sheet to be inputted along with multiple requests coming from different departments in different paper sizes should be taken into considerations. Connectivity of printers is beneficial because we have many options for connecting printers like network connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity. Also access should be granted based on the roles of people in the organisations so that printer is utilised in the most effective way reducing overheads.

Regardless of startup, small business or large organisations, we need a good reliable online printer support services, scanner support services or remote printer tech support which can help and resolve any issue we might face with our printers. In case you are having issues with printers and it is consuming your time resolving the issues, reach out a trusted online printer support company now.


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Reasons why investing in Antivirus Software has become a necessity in today’s data driven world

The need of having an antivirus software is rapidly increasing in this internet and digital world. Simply because the quantity of data produced, saved and also transferred each and every day as well as the trust of companies in this precious goods movement to carry on without hurdles. Consequently, the power of information assets has risen drastically as well as the need to safeguard information. Whenever you safeguard your information, you must take into account the following important components:


64-bit OS platforms are usually more protected: upgrading 32-bit operating systems significantly older than newer 64-bit operating systems can help to eliminate the volume of attacks that take place. With features for example Address Space Design Scrambling (SCRIR) and essential Driver Signing Signing (MDS), 64-bit platforms are inherently safer and powerful than the earlier versions. Outdated operating systems and program could make the device susceptible: Companies release software updates to correct weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the software. If upgrades aren’t implemented on a regular basis, your computer will end up prone to strike as time passes. When deciding on an antivirus program, consider cloud based antivirus programs that is continually updated with the latest security patches. Untrustworthy and also unsafe website pages can invade adware and spyware: some websites contain malware that may pass on in your system as well as network assuming they proceed undetected for several days. A typical procedure for infection is phishing: an identity coming from a identical trustworthy website is employed to get you to check out a possibly damaging website. Antivirus consists of Web filtering functions that separate outside visitors to make sure that it’s not at all exposed to sites such as this.


E-mail attachments could be malicious: E-mail attachments might have spyware and adware created to run while they are launched or previewed within the e-mail application. To avoid being attacked, do not permit automatic launching of attachments. Setup your antivirus to check out attachments prior to starting up  and stay cautious whenever starting email messages coming from unidentified people or organizations.. Spam filters also assist to get rid of undesirable mess as well as e-mails out of your  mailbox. The antivirus software programs primarily operate when they are set up the right way: against the intuitive, a large number of consumers choose not to utilize all the functions provided by antivirus packages. Advanced cloud antivirus systems, are really easy to set up and also have a wide variety of characteristics created to protect the computer and avoid malware.


The production of malware is usually an process: malicious software as well as hacking have grown to be significant industry and possess profitable incentives for individuals associated. Cyber criminals are geared toward shoppers simply because they’re effortlessly exploitable and in most cases possess zero safety measures from the most basic kinds of spyware and adware. You can easily prevent being taken advantage of by malicious software simply by using a total and simple to manage antivirus system.

When thinking about an antivirus seller, pick a recognized as well as reliable merchant and think about these crucial criteria to guarantee that the selection of antivirus software packages has full functionalities recommended to guarantee the protection, security, and prevention of one’s ecosystem.  Antivirus comes in different options which are easy to manage and monitor. They provide end user al the updates and work in the background monitoring all the web activities on the system. For more information on how Antivirus software offers security and want to discuss which antivirus program would be right for your use, visit our Online Antivirus Support website.

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