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5 Common Problems With Your Office Scanner

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Technology systems are a blessing indeed. Scanners, for that matter, have contributed well to the digital age by deducting a whole lot of messy papers and files from our desks. But once this technology goes awry, it gets frustrating.

Forms, contracts, delivery orders and other documents; offices require a lot of data duplication, most of which is often urgently needed in daily transactions.

A number of workplaces today have scanners. These are either solo flat-beds, a printer-and-scanner in one, or a triple structure of a printer, and scanner and a photocopier. Whichever one your office has, there is one thing common in any type – tech failure.

Here are the five commonly occurring problems you may have experienced in your office scanner:

  1. Your computer systems freeze up when you initiate scanning. This problem may remedy itself after a while, but more often the programs won’t budge. Computer freeze-up may occur a few times, or every time you work with a scanner.
  2. Status: Busy. And it remains busy. Your computer puts you on the wait when you attempt to scan a document, and you’re on hold for a very long time despite the fact that your scanner does not have a line-up.
  3. Your display screen goes all technical on you. A more accurate way to describe this is that it presents a blue background with continuous lines of code you cannot comprehend.
  4. Each time you use your scanner, your computer restarts without any apparent cause.
  5. The computer does not detect a scanner, at all. You can check this up on Devices and Printers manager in the PC’s control panel – where it shows no scanner in your device list.

These problems can seriously disrupt your work, especially when you have a deadline. Lucky for you there is a solution for any of these scanner problems you may encounter.

 Basic troubleshooting methods:

  • Check connecting cables. You need to ensure there are no missing pins in the serial/ USB ports, or damaged wires. If that is the case, order replacement parts from a tech service.
  • Your driver for the device may be outdated. Get a device driver update from a hardware service provider. The device drive will scan the systems for any errors and finds any relevant updates for your scanner.

If either of these methods do not work, it is likely that the scanner itself is defective. Do not try and solve this yourself, computer tech support can provide better guidance, and appropriate services.

If your workplace scanner is a hindrance in your work, our experts can help you out. Head on over to printer and scanner repair services. Excel Tech Guru’s IT support and service professionals hold years of experience in reliable device support.

Contact us to learn more about our services and IT solutions. Visit our website or call the toll free number, +1 (240) 775-8797. You can also write to us at

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