Windows Live Mail Error 0x80041161

[Resolved] Windows Live Mail Error 0x80041161

Windows live mail 0x80041161 There are many errors that arise when one is dealing with the intricate processes of the Windows computer and its internal workings. One such error is the error of windows lives mail 0x80041161. This error occurs when one is trying to work under windows live mail and when due to variousRead more

Configure Suddenlink IMAP settings

Configure Suddenlink IMAP settings | Exceltechguru

Suddenlink IMAP settings  Suddenlink communication is a telecommunication company that provides a variety of services such as internet, cable, and broadcasting along with being well known and reputed for the services it provides. Through a Suddenlink email account, one can access their email account from multiple devices along with having access to a variety ofRead more

Outlook error code 17099

[Resolved] Outlook error code 17099

How to fix MAC outlook error code 17099 Microsoft outlook is a platform that can be used as compliance with many devices. With various features, functions, and techniques, Microsoft outlook is easy to access and use. One can send and receive emails, store information and data, set up meetings, manage calendars and schedules, and muchRead more

Download all Attachments in AOL Mail

The Definitive Guide to Download all Attachments in AOL Mail

This is the ultimate guide to download all attachments in AOL Mail. AOL Mail brought by Verizon communications provides web-based email services for customers and has formed a good reputation along with other email service providers. A platform that serves people not just with mail services but also many other extensive features that have madeRead more

Yahoo Mail Connection Failure

Quick Steps to Solve Yahoo Mail Connection Failure

Yahoo Mail Connection Failure An American web-based service provider, Yahoo is one of the major companies, from providing email platforms to having its own search engine, and Yahoo Mail Server is a one-stop destination for various tasks and activities. Its growth and reputation are remarkable and in the earliest days of the internet and technology,Read more

How to Fix Email rejected by the Server

Email rejected by Server Gadgets have not only made our lives easier but also hassle-free and exciting, even though some might agree to the fact that it has also made it just as complex and stressful, especially in case of little bugs and errors that keep on occurring no matter how much you try toRead more

[Fixed] Outlook Server Responded 421 Error

Outlook server responded 421 Error Microsoft Outlook is a well-known and famous application used to store mails, send and receive them along with managing other various tasks through the platform like setting up calendars for meetings, managing contacts, appointments, information, notes, etc. It is used for both personal and professional use as it does guaranteeRead more