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[Resolved] Windows Live Mail Error 0x80041161

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Windows live mail 0x80041161

There are many errors that arise when one is dealing with the intricate processes of the Windows computer and its internal workings. One such error is the error of windows lives mail 0x80041161.

This error occurs when one is trying to work under windows live mail and when due to various reasons it is not able to run or start properly. The issue is usually attached to a service issue in the windows live mail. 

However, why does this error of windows live mail 0x80041161 occur, and can it be prevented beforehand?

Reason of  Windows Live Mail Error 0x80041161:

  1. The live mail was not installed properly in the first place. 
  2. The computer disk might be running out of storage or space.
  3. There could be an issue with the registry of the windows.
  4. The internet connection or the network is slow causing the issue to occur.
  5. The network settings are creating a hindrance in its functioning.
  6. One of the files or documents that might have been corrupted or defected harming the other process as well. 
  7. The issue could also arise due to configuration settings being set wrong or inserted inaccurately. They could also be outdated.
  8. One of the virus software or the malware could be the reason due to which the error is acting up causing it to stop functioning. 

One can keep a check on these things and can also prevent the issue from happening. 

Windows live mail 0x80041161-Exceltechguru

Steps to Fix Windows Live Mail Error 0x80041161:

However, if the issue of windows live mail 0x80041161 has already occurred then worry not because we will discuss a few steps through which one can attempt to fix their issue.

Method 1:Dealing with windows service

  1. Go to the option of start and type services.MSC and then when the similar option is reflected then click on it. 
  2. When a new window appears that includes all the services of windows, find the option of windows update, right-click and then stop.

Method 2:Clearing Cache and removing unnecessary items

  1. Firstly make sure no extra data or files are saved in the computer that is not needed but is filling up the disk space and remove it manually
  2. Then press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously and a new window should open up. 
  3. Then from there type %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore to head to the new data window. 
  4. Once it opens up, analyze the contents thoroughly and if they are not imperative and then delete them all as they are cache items.

Method 3:Windows service

Now go to the windows service, find the windows update and after right-clicking on it, click on start to initiate the process of update. Head to the windows now to see if the issue is fixed or not because it probably should by now.

Method 4:Essentials

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet that is stable and not faulty. Check the connection again if needed or restart it. 
  2. If the problem still persists, try restarting the computer and then analyzing if the issue still persists or not.
  3. Through the task manager, check if the system has enough space or memory to process the function required.
  4. If you have recently downloaded any heavy file or folder, go through its components and contemplate if it is corrupted in any way or not.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the application carefully after backing up the necessary data.
  6. One can also use the built-in troubleshoot method under windows to solve the issue. 


Through one of these approaches, the issue of windows lives mail 0x80041161 should get fixed, however, if the problem still persists then one can refer to the professional help and contact them. 

We hope by now you have effectively solved the issue of the windows lives mail 0x80041161 error.

However, if the above-mentioned methods fail to work then we will have to contact Microsoft Outlook Support or take the help of our Online Technical Support.

(Call @+1 (240) 775-8797 TOLL-FREE)

We provide 24/7 services with customer support and guarantees customer satisfaction. Best solutions are provided just by sitting at home and solving the error issue with the help of expert professional technicians.

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