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[Solved] Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc0b | Exceltechguru

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Outlook error 0x800ccc0b

Microsoft outlook is a platform that is multi-featured with its wide variety of functions and features. One can look away from errors from time to time such as that of outlook error 0x800ccc0b and many others because of how its service compensates for them.

One platform destination for all the imperative tasks such as sending and receiving emails, scheduling meetings and calendars, storing information and data, and much more. The platform is well known and reputed for all that it does.

However as easy and manageable, it makes tasks, no one can deny the errors that also occur from time to time due to various reasons. 

One of those errors is Outlook error 0x800ccc0b

Microsoft outlook error 0x800ccc0b:

The outlook error 0x800ccc0b occurs usually at the time of configuration, especially when the Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) server details are wrongly inserted. 

Reasons for Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b:

  1. The configuration is wrongly set up in the account.
  2. One of the personal storage files is corrupted or has found a possible glitch.
  3. There are internal issues with the DNS server.
  4. Installation of outlook is not properly or completely.
  5. The application or the system needs to be updated.
  6. One of the virus or malware is causing it.
  7. One of the many servers being corrupted due to SMTP.

Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc0b-Exceltechguru

Methods for Fixing MS Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b:

Let us list some of the approaches and ways through which one can fix their ongoing issue of outlook error 0x800ccc0b.

Method 1: Basic Method


Step 1: Go through the basics firstly that is to check if the computer is connected to proper power and then the wireless network.

Step 2: Check if the Internet connection and the network is proper without lagging or being faulty anywhere.

Step 3:  After the basics are covered, we will then move to the approaches.

Method 2: Restarting the computer


Step 1: After the basic step, do another essential that is close to all the applications running in the background and shut down the computer.

Step 2: After a few minutes restart it again

Method 3: Attempt configuration of the server


Step 1: The first configuration can be done through SMTP. However, the other alternative is;

Step 2: Go to the account settings option by going to the File menu.

Step 3: On the window that opens up, go to the email menu, and then choose the account where the trouble is occurring.

Step 4: Double click on it and then choose ‘More options’ to move ahead in the process. 

Step 5: Then find the outgoing server tab where one would be required to enter in their details and credentials. 

Step 6: Once one goes through the authentication process, enter the credentials. 

Step 7: The configuration with SMTP will now get processed and successful. 

Method 4: Deal with the anti-virus issue


Step 1: One of the reasons for the ongoing error could also be associated with the interference made by the anti-virus which can only be solved through disabling the anti-virus

Step 2: Thus one can turn off their anti-virus firewall settings for the time being to see if the problem still persists or not. 

Step 3: If the problem still does not get solved, then follow the different approach that is, 

Step 4: Go running the program, in the space provided type ‘SFC/scannow/command’ and press enter

Step 5: When the process is done, open the run program again by simply pressing the windows and the R keys simultaneously. 

Step 6: Once it opens up, this time enter ‘cleanmgr.exe’ in the space provided. 

Step 7: When it is done, few directions and prompts will come up, start to follow them to initiate the disk cleaning process

Step 8: Then, press mail, and from there go on show profiles. After that find the option of properties and from there go ahead to find the option of Data files

Step 9: Once you get the option of type in, write the name of the file that you want to get scanned. After that click on the start button.

Step 10: Once the part is done, check-in thoroughly for the credentials and information inserted and if it is all correct or not.  

Step 11: The process should then be completed and once done, go back to Microsoft outlook to see if the issue of sending and receiving mails still persists or not. 

Method 5: Remove and delete any extra or unnecessary files


Step 1: Go through the files, documents, and other spaces manually to see if there are any large unnecessary files stored in them. If they are of no use then proceed to remove them from the computer and then go ahead to see if the issue is fixed or not which it ideally should be now. 

Step 2: One can also deal with the port settings by changing the port number from 25 to 26 so they are higher chances that it is the reason for the issue because a few ISPs are not allowing the functioning of port 25 due to cyber harm and security issues


After one has gone through all the approaches, the issue of outlook error 0x800ccc0b should now probably get fixed owing to the fact that almost all the necessary causes and issues are dealt with.

However, if the problem persists then one can contact professional assistance and follow directions through their expertise. 

We hope by now you have effectively solved the issue of Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b.

However, if the above-mentioned methods fail to work then we will have to contact Microsoft Outlook Support or take the help of our Online Technical Support.

(Call @+1 (240) 775-8797 TOLL-FREE)

We provide 24/7 services with customer support and guarantees customer satisfaction. Best solutions are provided just by sitting at home and solving the error issue with the help of expert professional technicians.

You can also watch our video to solve your problem easily:

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