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[Fixed] Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination

Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination

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While you are attempting to update your Windows 10, there are several different errors and bugs that you can encounter during or after the process. Troubleshooting bugs is always a good skill to have, in situations like these. If you want to find out the fix for Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination, then you should continue reading the article below.

Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination

Why does Kernal Lock Entry leaked on Thread Termination occur?

Users can encounter this bug due to a few different reasons, before you attempt to troubleshoot them, it is better for you to understand and zero in on the exact cause so that fixing it will be easier:

  • Breakdown of any third party application on your computer.
  • An onslaught of a virus or bug on your files.
  • Wear or breakdown of some drivers or a hard drive.
  • Any file or files on your system getting corrupted.

Before you attempt any of the solutions given below, it is advisable to change your PC to a safe mode. Not doing so can cause a crash in your system.

How to resolve Kernal Lock Entry leaked on Thread Termination?

Since the reason why you can encounter the Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination are so many, it is crucial for you to understand how to troubleshoot each and every one of these. You can follow an elaborate list of steps, which will help you in it:

Remove all harmful files

There is a quick and easy way to look for and delete anything harmful in your system. Most devices have antivirus programs installed in them and the latest Windows version comes equipped with one. You can perform a quick scan of all your files using any of these and get rid of the ones which might be causing the error.

remove all harmful files

Fixing your driver

Maybe your driver has been corrupted and is in need for an update, leading it to cause errors. You can do an easy update by following the steps below:

  • Open up your device manager from the start button.
  • You can easily find the driver, causing problems since it will have a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right click on it to find the dialogue box which will enable the update.
  • Repeat it until all the drivers, which have been marked are updated.
  • Reboot your system once again to check if Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination has been resolved or not.

fixing driver


Check for corrupted files

You can use the scan tool to find corrupted files and fix them simultaneously, as follows:

  • With a right click, open up the command prompt and run the system as an administrator.
  • Grant access on all permissions and type in the code sfc/scannow.
  • It will lead all your files to be checked for corruption and troubleshooting them.

system file checker

Look for corruption in your hard drive

If running a scan on all your files did not result in getting the solution, you should definitely try to check if the issue is with the hard drive. By running a system file checker command you can check if the problem is in your hard drive, if it is so you can change it immediately.

look for corrupted file in the hard drive

Install Windows again

If nothing else is working, your final resort to fixing the Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination would be to create a backup of all the important files on your system and then proceed to reinstall Windows 10 entirely.

reinstall windows to remove Kernel lock entry leaked on thread termination

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