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Canon Printer TR4500 Setup | Exceltechguru.com |+1-888-479-5919

Canon Printer TR4500 Setup: Canon printers have become the most renowned and purchased brand among users. It is preferred for professional as well as personal use by the users, that is, the users can keep Canon printer at their office as a common printer for use by several colleagues, and also at their homes for use by family members. Thus, its usage is vast. A canon printer guarantees several new features and the best print quality to the users, thus followed by the easy and the most promising servicing, if in need of. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the complete Canon printer tr4500 setup. So, even if you are a non-tech person, do not worry at all! We are here to guide you with the easiest ways by which you can on your own, do the Canon printer tr4500 setup.

Canon Printer TR4500 Setup

Unboxing the Canon Printer tr4500:

The Canon Printer tr4500 comes securely packed in a package, to avoid any damages that might be caused during the shipments.

So, make use of the scissors to open the carton and unbox it, thus, making sure that all the supplies are delivered in their best condition. Then take out the printer carefully and place it in a well cleaned and ventilated area, and then remove and discard all the protective tapes on your printer.

The next step is to insert the power cable to the power supply and at the back of the printer and then switch on the Canon printer tr4500 and set the basic settings. Then open the rear tray and place a stack of paper on it, and close it. Then you need to install the cartridges into the appropriate slots.

Below we have mentioned the appropriate ways of the Canon Printer tr4500 setup. It is a complete setup guide that the users can use, as it has easy steps to perform to set up the newly bought Canon Printer tr4500.

Canon printer tr4500 setup:

Here are the few steps which you need to follow for the Canon printer tr4500 setup.

Step 1: The first step is to press the setup button A and then use the left or right arrow button to select the device settings. Once selected, then click OK.

Step 2: Select the LAN Settings and then chose the OK button and after that chose the mode of connection that you are willing to use, and press OK to proceed forward.

Step 3: When the wifi is set, select Setup->Wifi setup->OK. Then select a wireless connection setup method in the Wifi setup screen. So, once your printer has been connected to a wireless router, connect your PC also with the wireless router in the Wifi settings screen on the device.

Step 4: When you are changing the wireless direct settings, press Setup->Device Settings-> LAN Settings -> Wireless Direct -> Change Name (SSID) -> Change Password -> OK. After that, you have to update the SSID and Password. The changed SSID and Password can be seen on the display screen.

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Hence, this was an entire setup that has been mentioned above that will help the users to unbox and set up the Canon Printer tr4500. But, if the users face any issue regarding the setup or even an error or an issue in the normal working of their respective Canon Printers tr4500, they should contact the Canon Customer Care Service +1-888-479-5919. The experts at the Canon are well trained and highly knowledgeable to provide the users with the best solutions to solve their problems. They will even come up at your place and set up your printer as per your convenience. Hence, the Canon Customer Care Service is open and reachable to its customers 24X7. They will give you the best possible solutions!

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