Excel Tech Guru – Your Virtual IT Assistant!

Excel Tech Guru is an IT service and support firm based out of Rockville, USA. We specialize in providing online and onsite IT tech support to clients based in the United States and abroad. Our approach to collaboration and solutions delivery makes us one of the most competitive IT tech support firms you can work with!

Since our inception, we have focused all our efforts into helping our clients grow their business and networking capabilities by providing them IT tech support and services they can count on. It is because of our excellent reputation as a solutions provider and keen approach to customer service that makes us a leading IT support firm in USA.

Delivering Services with Measurable Results

At Excel Tech Guru, our aim is to deliver solutions that address your needs. Whether your business wants to ensure that no technical failures lead to downtime, or wants to ensure that its networking needs are met with 24/7 managed solutions, we will ensure you get results that yield benefits.

One of the core values at Excel Tech Guru is to provide clients with a base on which they can measure the effectiveness of our services and solutions. We offer statistical reports to results which directly contribute to collaboration and productivity in your workplace.

If your business needs a reliable IT tech support partner, then you are at the right place with us. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.