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Canon MG3600 Printer not responding

Canon MG3600 Printer not responding

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It is very frustrating when you want to print something urgently and your Canon MG3600 Printer not responding. The collective work of so many hardware and software parts is what makes your printer work smoothly. If even one of these faces an error, your printer will stop responding to commands. Canon is one of the most trustworthy and known printer brands in the world. 

We do not know about other printer brands, but if your Canon MG3600 printer is not responding, we can help you tackle it through this article.  

Common reasons for Canon MG3600 printer not responding

Generally speaking, when your Canon printer fails to respond, it can due to a handful of generally occurring problems. Below is a list of some reasons that you can check out:

1. Crossing the prescribed usage limit of the printer:

Every printer has a limit to the average number of pages it can print in a certain time span, usually a month. If you have used your printer for more than that, it can stop responding.

2. If it is out of toner, ink or paper:

You should keep a check on the inventory of these things in your Canon MG3600 printer; the absence of any one of these can cause a non-responding error.

3. A software issue with the driver:

The printer’s software is like its brain, sometimes it can get corrupted or face a bug. The driver has difficulty in communicating with the printer commands in such a case which leads to errors.

4. A problem with the printer spooler:

The printer spooler is a part of Windows which helps it in storing the printer jobs that are printer. If it gets stuck, the printer will not print any documents, hence making it unresponsive. 

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Troubleshooting methods for a Canon MG3600 printer not responding

Canon MG3600 Printer not responding

Before getting into specific ways to fix this issue, you should once attempt the universal way to fix unresponsive devices. Turn off your printer once and then restart it again. Chances are it will get fixed with just a reboot.

 However if your Canon MG3600 printer is still not responding, you can begin troubleshooting by following any of these methods to fix it:

1. Crossing the prescribed usage limit of the printer:

You are likely to face this problem if you haven’t read the instruction manual that came with your printer. Your printer’s maximum printing capacity is listed on it. To beat this issue, you can limit the number of prints you are making in a month. You can also decide to choose a model based on your requirements.

2. A software issue with the driver:

To avoid Canon MG 3600 printer not responding errors, you should update your drivers from time to time. A corrupted or old printer driver will have to be reinstalled again. Make sure to back up your printing history before uninstalling your current driver software.

3. A problem with the printer spooler:

If your printer is non responsive due to printer spooler problems, then you should follow the below mentioned steps to fix them:

  1. Go to the start option on the panel and look for services.
  2. You can visit the services option and right click the mousepad for opening the printer spooler option.
  3. Click on it and restart it once again.

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