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Some Ways to Improve Ethernet Connection Speed

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One of the most popular types of local area network (LAN), Ethernet networks are known for their speed, efficiency and compatibility with various systems. They’re often the go-to option for several residential and business customers.

Still, technical issues and physical problems can arise, resulting in a drop in speed. Have you experienced it too?

Slow Internet can negatively affect your work efficiency. If the issue is a result of physical connection problems, you can always try a few techniques to resolve it.

Here is a list of tricks you can attempt to increase the speed:

Inspect Ethernet cables

First off, check the Ethernet cables.

You may find that it is not plugged all the way in, or the cable has been pulled loose. This hinders network access and can even cut off the connection completely.

Occasionally, cables may malfunction or become damaged over time. This can also hamper your network speed.

It may not be apparent to you whether the cable is damaged or not. Nevertheless, you can always keep an extra Ethernet cable to swap the original, when needed. If replacement or reseating of the cable resolves the speed issue, then you know the problem was with the cable.

Configure Network Connections

For configuration, go to the ‘Control Panel’ of the system and click on the network icon (listed as ‘Network Connections’ or ‘Network and Sharing Center’ or others). Click right, opt for ‘Properties’ and then choose ‘Configure’. Under Link Speed or similar titled tab, find the option to change settings.

The best setting for enhanced speed is ‘Auto Detect’. If you’re tech-savvy, you can also experiment with other settings for better speed.

Opt for a shorter cable

If the connection is still struggling with speed, consider opting for a shorter cable. This should improve the network speed. Category 6 (Cat 6) cables offer high quality and fast connection speed.

Clean up the hard drive

If the hard drives are cluttered with files and programs, it can reduce your Ethernet speed. The system will simply not have enough space to allow high speed. The entire machine may slow down; with lagged connection.

Contact the ISP

If nothing works, contact your ISP. The issue may be in their system, requiring direct intervention. If this continues to be a problem, opt for a higher speed package or switch to a different network provider.

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