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How to Fix Sawgrass sg400 not printing

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Sawgrass sg400 can be a perfect initiative for personalization because it is the only desktop printer that has been designed for sublimation. Even if very low running costs and start-ups, you can create a customized product with the ever vibrant, colorful, and HD images, which you can get easily, quickly, and profitably. The sg400 has the following parts-

  • Sawgrass print manager
  • CreativeStudio Online Designer
  • SubliJet-HD sublimation inks
  • Product warranty and In-house supportSawgrass sg400 not printing

Taking about a few features of the Sawgrass sg400 are as follows-

  1. It is a printer that is designed to make the minimum usage of the power as well as the printer ink while making the efficiency of the printer and the print quality, maximum. Thus, the Sawgrass sg400 will help you create vibrant and HD images, that too with the lowest cost per image! Isn’t that just so great?
  2. The best part of the sg400 is the sealed cartridges. This will anyhow eliminate the outside contamination. Also, its printhead has been specially designed for the sublimation inks only. Thus, the sg400 will deliver the photo-quality prints to decorate the entire host of the products, including mugs, mousepads, slates, coasters, T-shirts, and many more products!

Sawgrass sg400 not printing-

Apart from all the wonderful prints that are given by the sg400 out, the printer still can have some issues regarding its normal printing procedure. It is because, being an electronic device, it is bound to have certain errors or problems at a certain point of time, and the most common of those is the issue of Sawgrass sg400 not printing. There can be several issues as to why the Sawgrass sg400 not printing anything, or printing faded colors. We will examine all the related issues one by one-

  1. Image ghosting:

    This means that the images are not clear and are coming out like a shadow, which is a little to the side of your actual image. This mostly happens when the sublimation transfer paper shifts during the process of sublimation, like when you open or close your heat press. So, to avoid this, you need to tape down the hard substrates to the sublimation paper by making use of thermal tape. In the case of the fabrics, you can make use of an adhesive spray. After pressing, make sure that you have removed your transfer paper immediately.

  2. Blurry transfers:

    After pulling off your transfer paper if you notice that it is having blurred images, this can be due to the reason that your substrate has a lot of time and temperature in the process of heat press which has, in turn, caused the image to bleed out. So, for this, you can try printing again by reducing your timing.

  3. Dried up Sublimation Ink:

    The general shelf life of the sublimation ink is six months. So, it is recommended to use the cartridges within six months of installing them. But if you have left the ink in the printer for too long without even using it once, that can cause issues such as head clogs, color shifting, and banding. So, in this case, there will not be anything printed by the printer. Hence, you are required to replace these links with the new ones.

  4. Empty Ink Cartridges:

    As mentioned above, the sublimation ink in any sublimation printer, be it the Sawgrass sg400, lasts for about 6 months. So, if it has been more than 6 months of you using the printer quite frequently, and in case if you have forgotten to refill the cartridges, then you must do it as soon as possible, otherwise your printer will not print anything.

Thus, these were the reasons and the ways that cause the issue of Sawgrass sg400 not printing, and how to solve these issues! Even if you have a problem you are unable to fix this issue, then we highly recommend you to contact their customer care support. яндекс They will probably give you the best way possible to deal with this issue.

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