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Fix Name Error in Excel with Easy Steps

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Microsoft Excel is a data arranging spreadsheet program, developed by Microsoft Company for Windows, IOs, macOS, and android. It is used for several types of business calculations such as data calculations, making records of expenditure and income, organize budgets, and also to form data in chart form. This program is a free program developed by Microsoft and any person can use it for his business and personal use.

Millions of people today use this software because of its easy to use advantage. If you want to learn excel you have to be more dedicated and focused it cannot be learned in a day or week.

Excel is mostly used for data arrangement since it is very easy to use for this purpose. It helps in easy adding, arranging, and calculation of any data. Since on excel you can sum, count, and find the average of data, however, it is not possible in using these functions of Excel you cannot land into trouble.

There are several errors that came into your way while sorting your data in excel. The most common error which occurs in excel is Name Error.

How this error occurs:

Name Error is the most irritating error which disturbs the mind of any academicians, researcher, scientists, student, etc while using Microsoft Excel. This error occurs when the excel Program does not recognize something in your formula. It happens due to misspelling of the function which you use while sorting the data in an excel sheet.

Secondly, the error can occur in your excel spreadsheet, if you have a formula in excel sheet and that is not stated correctly in this situation the excel sheet can show name error also.

Moreover, if you use text value in the formula in excel sheet, it should be enclosed with double quotation marks. If you do not do that then the excel sheet will show a name error. Because In this situation the excel sheet tries to interpret either a named range or function name and both ways do not work and the excel shows name error.

How to prevent Name error in Excel

The most and efficient way to prevent any name type error in an excel sheet is to use the formula of Wizard. When you start the excel spreadsheet and opening the formula bar, a series of choices will appear in the drop-down of the excel spreadsheet.

You can avoid the error by simply selecting a function name from the list in excel. This work will help you in avoiding the most common cause of the name error. The wizard function will provide you with standard syntax (range, criteria) for your function, restricting the causes of other errors as well.

How to find name error in Excel

While working in large spreadsheets, it is not easy to find the errors. Hence to find the name error of all whether you are working in a large or small spreadsheet of excel.

You have to choose Control-G (Go To) or F5. Then choose the special function and go to the special box that will appear on your screen. Now choose a formula and select the box that shows errors and click OK. The errors of your excel sheet will show on your excel sheet. You can also use the Find function to locate errors in your excel sheet.

We wish that after following the above-mentioned process you would have fixed name error in excel. If not so…

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