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Microsoft Office 365: Some Security Tips

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Microsoft Office 365 has become the first choice; several businesses are currently implementing or already using Office 365. Further traction is predicted in small businesses as well as large enterprises.

It comes with a line of new security features, yet, some companies are still wary of it. If your business is one of them, we assure you that you have more control over it than you know.

Yes, it is possible to further enhance security of Office 365. Instead of shying away from adopting this popular business companion, try these tips to enhance security.

Remove the admin mailbox 

When an account is created, it is by default assigned an admin mailbox. This account doesn’t need to receive any email-it is only required to administer the solution.

You simply need to remove the account mailbox to address this risk. You can also lock down all your apps, if needed.

Improve data protection

You can prevent sensitive data leaks within Office 365. Are you worried about unauthorized access, or unintended exposure of private information, company’s intellectual property, and credit card data?

Deploy a cloud access solution for data loss prevention. It can identify sensitive data shared, uploaded or downloaded in real-time, or data that is present in your OneDrive and SharePoint. Put a ‘block’ policy and prevent leaks for improved security control.

Accidental data sharing

Microsoft offers free trial for Office 365. You get a free account and then shift to paid business subscription. Therein lies the risk.

If your IT admin is not careful, Microsoft may confuse the two accounts. The admin can accidently share the information with the public.

For this risk, the solution is manual. You have to carefully transfer contents. Or, you can opt for our online Microsoft Office support services.

Unfettered access to Office 365

Users get access to the account irrespective of whether they’re using a managed or unmanaged device. This poses a huge risk as unmanaged devices that are out of your IT team’s control can be used to extract crucial data.

Again, you can deploy a cloud access solution, performing categorization of managed and unmanaged devices. You can then bring this classification into your organization’s policy and control activity accordingly.

Opt for our safe and reliable 24/7 Microsoft Office support services for immediate technical support. Our experts can help design strategies according to your business’s security needs.

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