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Kaspersky’s Internet Security: Top 5 Features

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Online security is a huge concern for every individual and business. Irrespective of the device one uses, the fear of cyber threats is always present.

In order to prevent access of malicious software to personal data, one must be extra vigilant when using the internet. Emails, social networking sites, and other sources can direct viruses and malwares to your device.

Several antivirus programs are available in the market to prevent cyber crimes. Kaspersky’s Internet Security particularly stands out because of its comprehensive coverage.

Here are 5 features that impressed us most:

1. Two-way firewall

Firewalls are responsible for preventing intrusion of foreign software into your operating system. Kaspersky’s two-way firewall monitors each connection in a network.

Upon detection of a new network, you can assign it any status—such as local, public or a private network. You can also mark a network as ‘trusted’ so that the traffic is routed without affecting performance.

This firewall can also scan, filter and block incoming data. The software’s Nmap security scanner also ensures port scanning for further security.

2. Removal of malicious software

When installed on a device, the program immediately goes to work. It can identify threats already present on the system. It alerts a consumer to remove any malware found in the OS and restores the correct system settings.

It also has a backup disk to delete cookies and other temporary files, and a sandbox that isolates your applications to prevent any program from accessing your personal data.

The program lets users enter login credentials without using keyboard, thus protecting from keyboard logging threats.

3. Parental control

Parents can set up specifications to protect their children from accessing inappropriate websites content. Additionally, they can also identify time periods when their children can be online.

The software blocks malware and phishing sites, preventing inadvertent visit to spam websites. Plus, you can access a threat-signature global database that is constantly updated.

4. Social networking safety

With the security layer of Kaspersky’s program, you can access all your favorite social media sites without fearing cyber threats. It ensures that your online accounts don’t receive any spam or malicious links.

The program runs in the background, offering real-time protection and optimizing OS performance.

5. Easy to navigate interface

The intuitive design of this program makes it easy to navigate. Its safe search feature alerts you of suspicious sites that can potentially harm your device.

The System Watcher can also undo malicious activity, preventing system damage.

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