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How to fix HP Printer error code 49? Dial toll-free +1 (240) 775-8797

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The HP Printer Error code 49 arises because of an internal communication issue. Here, the firm leads to a critical error and the formatted processor stops its operation. According to HP Customer Support experts, HP printer service error 49 is a serious reason of a bad printing command, various invalid operations, firmware, and corrupted data.

When using a technical device, you should not forget that you can face any kind of errors. But, the major issue is to fix service error 49 without damaging the HP printer. Here, we will converse about the reasons and ways to remove this nasty error with some simple as well as quick steps.

HP Printer error code 49

Causes of HP Printer error code 49

Here, we have listed some of the possible reasons for this error code. take a time to have a look at it

  • Issues connected to your hardware also causes this error to take place.
  • Because of the fault in network cable also causes this issue.
  • It can be because of the outdated version of the firmware.
  • Hard drive failure
  • This server error might be taking place because of an issue with DIMM.

These are some basic reasons which are responsible for Service error 49 in your HP printers. In order to fix this error, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Process to Troubleshoot HP Printer Service Error 49

HP Support Number

Check for connection

Initially, turn off the device and then cautiously disconnect the entire communication cables or Wi-Fi connection. Now, wait for few seconds to again turn it back on and then connect the entire cables appropriately.

Managing the Printer

Separate the plug of the printer from power cable & then remove the entire accessories such as EIO cards, a duplexer, memory, extra trays, and envelope feeder. Subsequently, plug each accessory one by one and see if the error still persists after each try.

Cold Reset method

Try the cold reset or NVRAM initialization process. A cold reset process will reset entire minor stored memory settings such as internal and external jet direct settings or control panel settings. NVRAM is more intangible and clears out the entire internal memory like error logs.

Execute A Non-Volatile RAM Initialization

Turn off the power of the HP printer and then remain idle for at least 30 seconds. Turn it back on again and wait until it starts. If the error still persists, start an NVRAM.

Fix the Firmware Error

Initially, turn off your HP Printer and switch it on again. Subsequently, disconnect the parallel cable and replace the DIMM of the Firmware. If this doesn’t work, then you can attempt replacing the Jet direct Card. If still, the error persists to grow up, then you will have to renew the engine board.

Update the Printer Driver

Occasionally, an outdated or faulty driver can cause the issue. Thus, you require to install the updated version of your printer driver within your computer.

By following these processes, you can easily fix the HP Printer 49 Service Error and make your printer working again. However, if the error still persists, then simply dial the HP Printer Customer Service +1 (240) 775-8797. Once you dial the toll-free, you will get connected to the professionals. The professionals available in our team are certified, trained and knowledgeable having years of experience in resolving HP Printer issues. Don’t hesitate to dial us, we are available round the clock to assist you whenever required, with world-class solutions.


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