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HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup | HP Officejet 5255 Connect to Wifi

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HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup: HP Officejet 5255 printer comes with Bluetooth Smart, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, faster print speeds, and many more amazing features. HP Officejet 5255 printers are multi-functional units for a small business or home office. HP Officejet 5255 printer offers printing, scanning, copying, and faxing functions for creating and digitizing documents. After completing the HP Officejet 5255 Setup you can easily send jobs from your mobile phone via Mopria, Apple AirPrint, and HP ePrint, among other apps.

HP Officejet 5255 wireless Setup

Key features of HP Officejet 5255 are mentioned below:

• Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
• Smartphone Printing Capabilities
• An Optical Scan Resolution: 1200 dpi
• Faster print speeds.
• Manual Dual-Sided Scanning and Copying
• Wi-Fi Connectivity and USB 2.0
• Printing Speed: 7 ppm Color, 10 ppm Black
• Color copy capability.
• Wide range of paper size support.
• send/receive faxes with rear phone port.
• Print from social media or the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox
• Comes with a one-year limited warranty.
If the user is installing the printer on the device for the first time then this page setup allows the user to configure the printer on your system for the first time. Before downloading the software to start printing from the hp Officejet 5255 printer ensure that the power of your printer is ON. Also, HP Officejet 5255 Setup requires a computer/ laptop, a printer, and a router. Note: Ensure that the printer and a device (or computer) should be connected to the same active network.

For HP Officejet 5255 Setup follow the below-mentioned steps:

• While taking the hp Officejet 5255 printer out of the box, ensure that all the necessary components are available in the box. Manual is an important thing that comes along with the hp Officejet 5255 printer because through it you can set up the hp Officejet 5255 printer very easily.
• In the setting up of the hp Officejet 5255 printer, having a good and stable connection is almost mandatory.
• Now, turn ON the hp Officejet 5255 printer.
• Connect the hp Officejet 5255 printer to the network set up. Keep your computer in the range of the printer.
• Make sure all component parts of the hp Officejet 5255 printer have been attached. This could include an ink cartridge or numerous other components, for instance.
• Now, attach other major parts such as printing tray and also, fill a sufficient ink. Note: insert the paper properly otherwise it will make a logjam.
• Before confirm once that power switch is connected and all the basics are done properly.
• Ensure that the printer driver for the HP Officejet 5255 is downloaded. For this, go to the 123.hp website.

Download all the required driver software from the 123.hp website.

Select the download option to install the recommended printer software to complete a process of setup. To install the software in a device, extract the software. In the consecutive pages, click on the check box to accept terms and policies. To finish the installation process, follow all the instructions displaying on the screen of a device.

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Frequently Asked Question

- replug all the connected wires and start the device again.
- check whether the device has lost connection, reconnect them to the network.
- rest the factory settings of the printer from the lcd panel itself.
You can connect via USB or wireless network:
• For USB, connect the printer and computer with usb cable, go to settings, printers and scanners, add a device and computer will automatically search for printer.
• For wireless network, connect the printer to wifi from printer’s network settings in the lcd screen, then download the suitable software from the website and pair the devices by following the on-screen instructions.
Connect the printer to wifi network- go to system preferences- printers and scanners- add a device
The computer will automatically search for the printer, select it and download the required setup file from the website. Follow the instructions and pairing will be done.
In the start menu click HP- HP OfficeJet printer 5255- scan to email wizard- click new- enter the sender’s email address- create a pin- enter the smpp server address and port number
Now you have completed the email scan setup
• Keep the document into the scanning area.
• Select scan option, scan to email, send an email, select the address an enter the pin.
• Now you can select an existing email or even add a new email address.
• You can change the settings and then touch the scan button.
Connect the printer with a telephone cord to use it for fax.
• To send the fax from your computer print the document with the name of printer having fax written in it.
• To send fax from your printer place the document inside the scanning area, select fax from the display panel, enter the fax number and send the fax.
• Insert the Bluetooth dongle in the printer.
• Make sure the device is setup and made discoverable.
• Open your phone Bluetooth settings and search for the printer, tap and select the printer.
• Connect with the device by entering the passkey.
• Tap ok when pairing is done.
• From the printer you can directly scan using the scan button.
• From the computer or smartphone first connect the devices with printer on the same wifi network.
• Then download the suitable software from the website and pair the devices by running the setup file and following the instructions.
• Now you can scan from computer and smartphone also.

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