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Canon Printer Error E59 – How To Fix?

Canon printer error e59

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Hey, if you are looking for any information related to “canon printer error e59”, then this article will surely help you out.

A device used to print any document and image, (or a combination of both) is defined as the printer. It is a hardware output device. The printed output generated by a printer is usually known as a hard copy. Mainly, a hard copy is the physical version of an electronic image, document, or a combination of both. It is also defined as a peripheral device that makes a persistent representation of text (or graphics), usually on paper. You can do various things by using a printer such as Poster-sized prints, Greetings cards, Stickers, T-shirt designs, etc.

Canon is a global provider, founded in Japan in 1937, of digital imaging technologies. Canon has sixteen manufacturing subsidiaries and affiliates across countries & regions in Asia (but outside Japan). You can see various devices of canon in the market such as camera, lenses, printer, etc.

Canon printers are used by millions of people worldwide. The main reason for this is customer trust and brand popularity. Canon printers are preferred for both, commercial use and personal use. Sometimes, you find some errors while printing the document, and error e59 is a popular printer error of canon printers. As it is the most popular error, as it is very easy to fix this issue. Support code (Support Code is the error number that appears with an error message) for this error, error e59, is “2114”.

Causes Behind canon printer error e59

Here I will discuss the main reasons for experiencing error e59 in canon printers. The main reasons are mentioned below:

  • If printing settings and paper settings don’t match, error e59 will occur.
  • If the printer setting and paper setting are set wrong, error e59 will occur.
  • If the printer is unable to print because of improper settings, error e59 will occur.
  • If the printing setting and paper settings are different, error e59 will occur.

Solutions of canon printer error e59

Here I will discuss the solutions of canon printer error e59. When the paper size settings at printer driver and a printer do not match, error e59 will occur. So before giving a print, always check the paper and printing setting. Also, always register the size of the paper according to the filled or loaded paper. This act will decrease the chances of error 59. By following the below-mentioned steps you can easily fix error e59 in canon printers.

  • When you see the error e59 on printer’s display, the first thing you to do is you have to press the stop button to abort the printing.
  • Now check the printing and paper settings are matching or not. If they are not matching, set them by checking the size of the paper, and by choosing the correct media type in the canon printer.
  • If the printing and paper settings are matching, press the OK button and then just restart the printer.
  • After checking every setting accordingly, make sure to run a print test to check whether the problem is fixed or not.
  • If still your printer is displaying the same error, error e59, then set your printer to its default setting and then make the required changes.
  • After doing the above step but your printer is still not working and showing the same error, error e59, then contact canon printer’s official help and support. They will send a device engineer at your location to fix your issue. Also, visiting charges of that engineer is zero.
  • Fixing the error, error e59, is not any tough task. You can easily do it by following the above-mentioned step.

Overall, by designating the paper size of paper loaded (paper filled in a printer) on the rear tray, an individual can prevent your printer from misprinting. Error e59 only displays on printer’s display when the paper size of the loaded paper (filled paper) differs from the print settings. Thus, the error, error e59, will be solved.

Hoping that this article will help you to fix issue related to “canon printer error e59″.

Best Assistance by Canon Printer Customer Support

In case if you stuck during fixing this error code then you can get in touch with Canon Printer Customer Support Just by Dialing +1 (878)-999-8893 . our experts are Well Trained and Knowledgeable to handle any kind of error related to Printer.

You can take the help of the video to solve the problem very easily.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What duration should I wait before reactivating the printer post encountering the E59 error?

A: It is recommended to await a duration of no less than 10-15 minutes before reactivating the printer subsequent to encountering the canon printer error E59. This interval facilitates the cooling down of internal components and may potentially resolve the issue.

Q: Can external elements such as room temperature contribute to the E59 error?

A: Affirmative, external factors such as room temperature and environmental conditions can exert an influence on the internal temperature of the printer. Ensure that the printer is positioned in a well-ventilated area, and ascertain that the room temperature aligns with the specified range mentioned in the printer manual.

Q: Exist preventive measures to avert the Canon Printer E59 error?

A: To preclude the Canon Printer E59 error, uphold an appropriate operating environment characterized by adequate ventilation. Additionally, consistently deploy genuine Canon ink cartridges and adhere to the recommended maintenance procedures delineated in the printer manual.

Q: Can a firmware update serve as a resolution to the Canon Printer E59 error?

A: Indeed, the implementation of a firmware update on your Canon printer may potentially serve as a resolution to the E59 error. Inspect the official Canon website for any available firmware updates tailored to your specific printer model and adhere to the instructions furnished.

Q: What course of action should be taken if the Canon Printer E59 error endures despite troubleshooting endeavors?

A: If the Canon Printer Error E59  persists despite concerted troubleshooting endeavors, it is imperative to establish contact with our customer support for further assistance by live chat or on call at +1-878-999-8893. We can offer precise guidance contingent upon your printer model and the specific nature of the issue.

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