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How to solve Epson XP 410 not printing

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Epson XP 410 not printing: Epson printer is one of the most trusted brands of printer. But there are certain problems that users might face during the printing process, like, the Epson printer not printing anything, or printing blank pages! So, how will you solve this issue? The users do not need to worry as we are here to provide you with all the solutions that are required to solve this problem in your Epson XP 410 printer. Thus, in this article, we will be mentioning the issue and the solution related to the Epson XP 410, not printing. Read this article till the end to avail your answers that you are looking for!

Epson XP 410 not printing

Reasons behind the Epson XP 410 not printing issue:

There can be multiple factors that may be responsible to print blank pages through your printer, and these are mentioned below-

  1. There might be an issue of low ink, so for that, you need to check the actual ink levels in your printer’s cartridges and replace or refill them if required.
  2. There might be an issue with the hardware of your printer itself, for which you will have to get your printer serviced by the Epson company.
  3. There might be an issue with the printer settings, that is, the printer in use might not be the same that has been set as default in your printer settings.
  4. Also, you need to make sure that your printer is not placed on an uneven surface, that means, it must be placed on a flat and a stable surface that extends beyond the base in all direction. Because, in any titled or angular manner, the printer might not work properly.
  5. Also, you need to be sure that the yellow tape on the ink cartridges inside your printer, has been removed.
  6. You also have to rest assured that the paper which you are using for printing meets your printer’s specifications. So, the size and the material of the paper, both matter equally!

Thus, these were some of the possible reasons that can be started when your Epson XP 410 printer is not printing.

How to fix the issue of Epson XP 410 not printing:

After knowing all the possible reasons behind the Epson XP 410 not printing issue, here we are listing the ways by which you can fix this issue-

  1. Fixing the Printer Settings:

If you are using a Windows operating system, follow these steps-

  • Go to Start and select Settings. Then go to Devices. After that select Printer & Scanners, then select your printer. Then choose Manage and then click on Printing Preferences.
  • Then the next step is to select Maintenace and then click on the Extended Settings option.
  • Then, the next step is to choose “Skip Blank Page”.
  • Select OK, which will save your settings.

After these steps, try printing again and check if the issue of Epson XP 410 not printing still exists. If it still exists, move to the proceeding solution.

  1. Refilling the ink cartridges:

This is another solution to fix the issue of Epson XP 410, not printing. In this, you need to check the ink cartridges of your printer by following the steps below-

  • Unplug the printer entirely by removing the cord from the socket at the wall as well as the back of your printer.
  • Then you need to open the printer cover and take out the ink cartridges, very slowly and carefully!
  • Check their ink levels and refill the ink in them. If you wish, you can also replace those cartridges with the new ones (if those have been dried up completely).
  • Once done with the ink cartridges, place them back inside the printer very carefully and close the printer cover.
  • Plugin the printer’s cord and switch it on (if it does not switch on itself).
  • Try printing again from your printer.

After printing, if you notice the same issue again, that is, blank pages coming out of your printer, then move to the next solution.

  1. Contact the Epson Customer Care Service:

If both of the above-mentioned ways did not work out for your printer, then you need to contact the Epson Customer Care Service, because the solution mentioned above are the major ones and mostly solve this problem. But it’s alright! Maybe there is an issue with the hardware of your printer (as mentioned above in one of the reasons). So, the experts at the Epson Customer Care Centre will provide you with the best solution, or even tell you if your printer is in any need of a servicing. Thus, this will surely solve your problem of Epson XP 410, not printing.


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