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How to solve Epson error code 0x9e with easy step

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Epson is one of the best companies in the world which manufactures best-in-class printer devices which are high quality with the latest and advanced technological features and it provides solutions to errors like Epson error code 0x9e and this also comes in at affordable pricing.

This Epson error code 0x9e occurs while you are printing a document and it is disturbed or a blue screen appears on your computer. This error is very commonly faced by the users but does not worry because this problem can be solved. Basically in this Epson error code 0x9e, the indication is that the:

  • Required files or drivers are not present in the system
  • The system is not responding and showing a blue screen
  • Corrupt files are present in the system which disturb the computer’s process
  • Required permissions not allowed to the printer by the system
  • Internet or connectivity issue
  • Power failure or faulty power cables

This is because you might not have to get your device serviced for a long time or the usage must be not very frequent. This is why these electronic devices require maintenance. Check for the power cables and the Ethernet cable if they are not damaged and replace them if they are not in working condition.

For any other physical disturbance first of all you can try removing the printhead, clean it and then put it back. The printer might become normal after that and  Epson error code 0x9e might go away or else follow the below procedure:

Solutions for the Epson error code 0x9e :

  •  Check if the paper section of the printer is not jammed. The paper sometimes gets stuck in the printer section which can cause this error. Remove any clogged paper. Make sure that the printer is turned off before doing all this process and all the cables are unplugged. Also, there are bits of paper present on the printer platform so make sure to remove them also.
  •  Start cleaning your printer step by step. Remove all the cables- from the printer, computer, and power switchboard and check whether they are faulty or not. If they are damaged then immediately replace them. Clean the ports where wires are inserted and then put new wires if required and restart it.


  •  Next, you need to check the ink cartridges if they are dirty and whether they are empty and need to be refilled, pull them out gradually, clean them if they are dirty, and put them back again. If they are empty, install the new cartridges. Ink cartridges are sometimes clogged and sometimes empty due to which the  Epson error code 0x9e occurs.
  •  Reboot your printer device. Switch off the main power button of the printer and then clean it and put back all the wires in the device. After all the wires are put back in, you can restart your device, and this time hopefully after all the cleaning your device will not show the error.
  • Go to device manager in the computer settings, select the printer and let the windows do the troubleshooting. It will take some time for processing but will let you know the exact problem which your device is facing. After troubleshooting is done you can definitely get to know the missing or the latest drivers that are missing and those which are to be installed so install the drivers and you are good to go.

Lastly, you get the Epson printer user manual with the printer itself so you can refer to the manual, or for the assistance you can call the customer service. They are always ready to assist you. They will provide you a personalized solution to your Epson error code 0x9e problem as soon as possible.


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