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DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet Printer Review

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DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet printer review

Need a printer that gives out high quality photo print outs in bulk each day? DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet Printer is where your search ends. Print your high resolution pictures on a film and then you can directly transfer to a fabric itself. Customizing t-shirts and hoodies has become easier with the Epson DTF printer. You must have noticed people wearing t-shirts with quirky catch lines and pictures on the streets. Now you can make such creative outfits on your own. All you have to do is print it on a clean fabric with the device. It is as easy as getting regular prints at home.

Specifications of the DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet Printer

  •       Print material: Print on the film which can be transferred to a fabric.
  •       Picture resolution: Pictures of 1440 X 1440 Dpi resolution can be printed via the Epson DTF printer.
  •       Capacity of production: It can produce up to 30 A3 pages in a day when working for 12 hours since printing pictures requires some time.
  •       Print output: The printer is compatible with printing color pictures.
  •       Connectivity: Can be connected through the Wifi in wireless mode.
  •       Compatible paper size: Can print in A3 size papers.
  •       Print speed: 5 m in 1 hour.
  •       Size of the printer: 60 cm in length, 70 cm in width and 90 cm in height.
  •       Weight of the printer: 80 kg.
  •       Width of the print output: 12 X 18 inches.
  •       Ink tank capacity: The ink tank is as large as to be able to hold 250 ml.

Features of the DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet Printer

There are lots to talk about when discussing the features of the Epson DTF printer. The list is never ending. But to discuss a few, we can mention the large ink tank capacity. The printer has a large ink tank that lets the device go on for a long time without requiring to get the tanks refilled or changed. It can print on rolls keeping the continuity. The roll also gets systematically rolled out for smooth printing. The printed output can be easily transferred onto a fabric of any color. This direct transferable feature is a selling point for the DTF Epson L1800 Darktexjet Printer. The quality of the picture is also maintained while printing. The print output is almost similar to that of the soft copy of the picture being printed. Another attractive feature for the Epson printer is that it can give you borderless prints and that too precisely

Advantages of using the DTF Epson L8100 Darktexjet printer

When you get yourself an Epson DTF printer, you are subscribing to a truckload of benefits more than you could get from any other printer.

  •       First, you get such an extreme speed of printing photographs. Photo printing devices take a while to get print output. But, the DTF Epson L8100 Darktexjet Printer is ahead of them. It prints 5 m in an hour which is fast compared to other printers.
  •       Printing on films is automatic. No extra human effort is required to set rolls or unwind them. The device does all this work by itself and still delivers excellent quality print outputs.
  •       Less breakdown issues are experienced compared to other such printers. We all know how troublesome it gets when the printer suddenly pauses printing because of an error. Such errors are reduced in the Epson DTF printer.
  •       The ink tank stores 250 ml of ink which is a lot more than other printers. With this you can continue with work for a long time and not worry about changing ink or refilling.
  •       The pictures printed can be directly transferred on a fabric. This benefit helps you with your creativity and get the most out of a single printing device. So, there is another way to grow your brand with the functionality of the DTF Epson L8100 Darktexjet printer.
  •       It is the best all in one device for your photo printing setup or arrangements. So, this device is like a must-have for commercial purposes.


It is indeed true that with the Epson DTF printer, you are going to face less issues of breakdown or disruption. But to keep that steady, you have to take care of the printer. Some of the things that you can do is keep it in a clean place and ensure clean surroundings. Printing pictures takes a while. You cannot expect it to give you print outputs within mere seconds. So, do not rush with the prints and keep patience for the amazing outputs that you will get to see after. Now, get the best deals on the DTF Epson L8100 Darktexjet printer for your official needs and start printing masterpieces on high resolution.

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