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How To Do Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup?

Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup

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Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup: Canon tr8520 is a wireless printer that is an efficient printer and the best choice that anyone can make to buy a printer. If you searching for a Canon TR8520 wireless setup, you have come to the right place. The print quality of the Canon TR8520 printer is very good and high and clear. It is considered an all-in-one printer and because of it being wireless, the printer can be used by multiple users and multiple devices to print pages. The image printer is of superb quality! The printer can be used both as a professional printer as well as a personal printer, which means, it does not matter if you are purchasing it to keep it in your office cabin, or in your home to be used by your family members, this printer is actually a one-stop solution. It has also got many great reviews and is considered to be the best choice that you can make in terms of printers! So, if you have bought the Canon tr8520 wireless printer, and are looking for its setup, here we provide you with it! In this article, we have mentioned the easiest steps for your canon tr8520 wireless setup, so that even if you are a non-technical person, you can do it all of your own!
Continue reading this article till the end of the complete setup insight and information!

Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup

Steps For Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup:

Here are the steps that are mentioned below, which you just need to follow in order to have Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup

Step 1: So for any printer setup, the first step is to unpack it entirely. Take out all the parts of your printer from the package, remove all the plastic covers, bubble wraps, and tapes that have been covering your printer for a while.
Step 2: You are then required to gently take out your printer from the package box and also all the parts, including the power cord, the Get Started Guide, and other equipment provided by it.
Step 3: Make sure that once you have taken your printer out, place it on a clean and flat surface. Also, be rest assured that the power socket is near the printer only.
Step 4: The next step is to connect the power cord or the cable wire to the printer (one end of the cord to the printer) and to the power plug.
Step 5: Then, you need to choose the preferences for your printer. Also, set the Country/Region and Language on your printer.
Step 6: Then the next step is to open the access door of the cartridge and then wait till the print head comes to a stop.
Step 7: Then the next step is to install the new ink cartridges. Make sure that you place all the ink cartridges into their respective slots only, and nowhere else. Also, handle them with care.
Step 8: Then you are required to download the printer driver files based on their model and install them in your system.
Step 9: Thus, once the printer drivers are installed, the initial setup is over.

Another Method For Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup:

Step 1: For this, turn your printer on.
Step 2: Go to Home -> Network -> LAN Settings -> Wireless LAN.
Step 3: Select the Wireless LAN Setup option and then go to Easy Wireless Connect.
Step 4: Then you will have to proceed to the setup application screen. After this, download the setup file from the official website of Canon.
Step 5: To run it, right-click on it. Then after that, you need to select the “Start Setup” option and choose the appropriate region.
Step 6: Agree to the License Agreement.
Step 7: You will find a Connection Method dialogue box. Click “Yes” on it.
Step 8: Then you need to enter the Network Key once you have selected the wireless router to the printer.
Step 9: Select “Next”.
Step 10: This completes the Network connection.
Step 11: Then you only need to choose the necessary application software and proceed by clicking “Yes”.
Step 12: The last step is to click “Exit”.

Hence, this completes your Canon tr8520 wireless setup!

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Frequently Asked Question

• Turn on the printer and press wireless button on the bottom left side off the screen.
• Then LAN settings- wireless LAN setup
• You can choose either of the 3 methods and then download the software from the website or insert CD into the computer.
• Download the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
• Download the suitable software from the canon website.
• From the printer’s screen touch the network button-LAN settings-wireless LAN-wireless LAN setup- easy wireless connect.
• Run the setup file and follow the instructions, under check the connection method, the printer name and network name will be displayed.
• You will need to enter password of your network.
• Now under add printer, select your printer and you are done.
• Restart the printer and your device.
• Reconnect the devices to your wifi network.
• Re-plug the devices and make sure both the devices are on same network.
• Open the canon print app and select ‘no’ when asked to search for available printers.
• Then press more and select Bluetooth setup, select yes for everything.
• Choose your printer and input the pin which gets displayed on printer’s screen. You are done.
Follow these instructions:
Menu- setup- device settings- fax settings- easy setup- start setup
Now connect the telephone cable, one end to the printer and other end into the telephone jack.
• You will need Ethernet cable separately.
• Open the port behind the printer and insert one end of the cable in it.
• Now on the printer screen press wireless button- LAN settings- wired LAN- wired LAN active/inactive- tap active Your setup is complete.

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