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How to fix Canon Printer Error b203?

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Get Step By Step solution to Canon printer error b203

Canon is a multinational industry headquartered in Tokyo Japan popular for manufacturing imaging and optical devices. One of the astonishing Canon products is a Canon printer. Canon offers top models of printers. You can easily find a printer for home users as well for office work. Canon provides devices from inkjet to multipurpose printers at very reasonable prices. The only problem connected to the Canon printer is that you may come across some canon errors while working.

The printer presents the problem in the form of an error code. Every error has a unique code that indicates the issue printer is experiencing. In today’s world, we are so much dependent on the printer device. It is important to keep the device updated and error-free.

Most of the Canon printers arise because of some internal errors but there can be many other issues also which can interrupt your printing process. One of the common errors you may face while using Canon is Canon Printer Error Code b203. This error often occurs because of the damaged printhead or recent changes. But there can be several other issues that can encounter Canon Printer Error b203.

What does Canon Error Code b203 mean?

Canon Printer B203 error is a type of printing error that likely occurs because of minor issues in your printer device for example paper jams, empty cartridge, etc.

How to fix the Canon Printer Error b203?

Initially, you have to search for the basic reason for this problem. Check your cartridge that it is suitably installed or not. If you are using a wireless printer then guarantee that your router is working suitably. Check the ink level in your ink cartridge; a low ink level can also experience this error.

Follow the steps mentioned below


  • Check the cartridge

You can also experience this type of issue if your cartridge is misaligned. The printer device requires to be clean from time to time and your ink cartridge may get misaligned while installing it back. In that case, you may have to come across this error. Take out your cartridge and put it back suitably. Now examine whether you can print or not. If you are still getting a similar error then contact experts which can be very helpful.

  • Update your canon printer driver

The outdated printer driver can be a root reason for this error. You must update your printer driver from time to time. Follow the steps mentioned below for updating your printer driver:

  1. Click the Windows button and R button from your keyboard at the same time.
  2. A run dialog box will emerge on your device
  3. Enter devmgmt.msc.
  4. Click the Enter button.
  5. The device manager page will emerge on your screen.
  6. Search for Printer Driver.
  7. Right-click on the printer driver.
  8. A pop-up will emerge on the screen.
  9. Click the update driver button.
  10. Your printer driver will begin updating.
  11. After updating your drivers; now restart your device.

Now try to print from your Canon device; if you are unable to take a print then proceed ahead.

  • Refill your ink cartridge

Canon Printer Error Code B203 can also arise when the ink cartridge gets empty. All the ink tanks may get empty but in most of the cases, only one or two ink tanks get empty which you use frequently. Thus, open your ink cartridge and refill the ink cartridges. Or else, contact Canon Printer Support experts for fixing your queries.

If you are using a wireless connection then the bad network can be a feasible reason for this error. Attempt to reconnect and establish a good connection for printing.

  • Check for the paper jam

When your printer draws multiple papers from the paper tray or if there is any paper chunk stuck inside the Canon printer, a paper jam occurs. The latest version of the canon printer does not show such kind of error but the one who is using the older version might face a paper jamming problem multiple times in a day.

Paper jams can lead to generating various error codes. For dealing with this issue, open the front lid of the canon printer and take out all the paper chunks. Clean the printer properly and reconnect it with the device and power source. Try printing again and check if the error b203 is fixed or not.

  • Use windows trouble-shooter(Canon printer error b203)

If the error is occurring due to any internal issue, then a windows troubleshooter can help you in fixing the problem. This tool is an inbuilt tool for windows devices. If you are facing any error while printing the paper, this tool will automatically occur on the screen. Even if it does not occur automatically, you can easily open it by typing Troubleshoot in the search bar. Now follow the step to step guide shown on the screen for resolving the problem. And if you are still getting the error, try reaching the Canon printer customer support for further technical assistance. You will get reliable help.


Dial Canon Customer support for Instant assistance:


We as an independent third-party Canon Customer service provider, we have earned an esteemed name in the industry serving worldwide users. Dial toll-free Canon Printer Customer Support +1 (240) 775-8797 to get in touch with proficient experts who will fix the issue quickly. We not only eradicate existing issues but also guarantee you may not have to face any issue in the future also. A team of professionals and experts is working all day to assist you in resolving any and every kind of technical issue related to your printer device. We do not keep any hidden charges for assisting you with our support.

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