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How to fix canon mx490 not responding issue with easy steps

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Canon Company is one of the best brands of the world for printers which gives you all the latest and up-to-date features at a very affordable price but sometimes the device faces certain issues like the issue of canon mx490 not responding, not printing, or displaying an error message on the screen.

This issue can be faced by almost anyone but no need to worry because this is a small and common problem and can be solved.

canon mx490 not responding

Causes of canon mx490 not responding:

  • Faulty or damaged cable or ports
  • Internet or network connectivity problem
  • The latest drivers are not installed on the device

How to solve the canon mx490 not responding problem:

First of all, you need to do some basic checkup of the wires and ports whether the wires are not damaged from anywhere. Replace them with the new one if they are damaged. Next, check and clean the ports from inside and also check if they are not damaged otherwise they will not respond when you insert the wire.

Also, check the wire connected with the router for any damages. Sometimes the damage is caused to the wire connected with the router- Ethernet, power, or any other cable.

Further on if you are facing any connectivity issue then try reconnecting the Ethernet cable or restart the router’s main switch and get your canon mx490 not responding problem solved and if it does not work then lodge a complaint with the network provider company.

Troubleshooting in windows system:

  1. First of all search for ‘troubleshooting’ in the windows search bar and open it.
  2. When the dialog box appears, in the hardware and sound section you will see ‘use a printer’, click on that and the process will start.
  3. First of all canon mx490 printer will be detected and thereby it will start searching for any issues or problems with the device.
  4. The processing will take some time for detection of the real problem and after the detection of the problem, you can fix it as prompted or directed by the system.

Print spooler service:

  1. Type “services. msc” in the windows search bar and a dialog box will appear in front of you.
  2. Now find ‘print spooler’ and single click on that. On the left side, you will- restart the service. Click that and hopefully the problem of canon mx490 not responding be solved after that.

Updating printer drivers:

  1. The application which you have downloaded on the system might be outdated and the latest version is not installed. So out of 2 options, you can either reinstall the application or update it manually from the official website.
  2. First of all, delete the existing application on your system and now search for canon applications on Google. Reinstall the application.
  3. Now search for canon drivers on Google. Open the website and enter the model number of your device and suitable drivers will be displayed to you, you can download the drivers.

Troubleshooting in mac system:

Follow these steps:

  1. System preferences- Printers & Scanners- Print & Scan- Print & Fax. Then right-click near the Printers dialog box. Now click on reset printing system and you are done.
  2. You can reinstall the application also if you want and reinstall it as per your need. At last, you can add your model to the application.

Lastly, you can restart the device also by removing all the wires and then reattaching all the wires once again. The issue of canon mx490 not responding will go after that or else you can go through the canon printer user manual or contact customer support and they will provide you a personalized solution for your problem.


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