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Bitdefender Antivirus: A Breakdown Of Pros And Cons

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The demand for new and improved computer security is well on the rise, what with a new malicious attack on computer networks introduced every day. According to research, malware attacks skyrocketed towards the end of the previous year, and continue to do so in 2017; approximately 390,000 new malware codes are introduced every day.

To help home users and organizations mitigate overall security problems with their computer systems, Bitdefender Antivirus 2018 has brought forth a plethora of excellent security features.

Similar to any software on the tech market, Bitdefender too has its own benefits and downsides. Take a look down below to analyze the program’s various aspects—and know how well it will work for you:

Installation Processes

The Pros: The program receives highly commendable score in its setup. Bitdefender Antivirus is compatible with computer systems running on Windows 10 and some of its earlier versions.

The program also works considerably well with Mac operating systems.

The Cons: The installation consists of a few more steps than your conventional antivirus. This may be frustrating for users who want quick installation and scanning from their antivirus software.

However, once fully integrated, Bitdefender provides efficient and simple navigation for its features.

User Interface

The Pros: The program’s clean interface makes it straightforward enough for any user. To optimize convenience, the program includes a gamer mode feature. This delays the pop-ups and scan alerts while you are play games, thus limiting interruptions and potential lagging.

The Cons: With a sturdy and appealing interface, the only drawback in Bitdefender’s interface is that you need to enable the gamer mode yourself. The suspension feature does not activate automatically.

Scanning And Detection

The Pros: While most conventional malware programs are easy enough to detect, zero-day malware are often omitted during detection due to unawareness. Addressing this particular problem, Bitdefender examines files which are suspiciously similar to known malwares— and targets them for additional inspection.

The immunizing features are extended to both online websites and external plugged-in hardware.

The desktop dashboard allows you to drag and drop files on the quick scan panel. The software scans online search results and warns you regarding defective links, as well as prevents you from accessing any infected ones.

The Cons: There may be a slight lag as Bitdefender streamlines its scanning operations on loaded websites and emails. However, the delay is not impactful enough to interrupt your online game play or videos.

Privacy Protection

The Pros: The conventional version of Bitdefender Antivirus includes all high-priority features—which in other security programs, you need to purchase separately.

A notable example includes the password manager, which stashes your passwords in locked file—and only the manager’s master password can get access to the file.

In case of a cyber attack, only your master password will be compromised; separate online account passwords will remain safe.

The Cons: Other features include mobile security tools and parental controls, which a user does need to purchase separately. If you decide on buying the complete security suite, then the entire slew of features are accessible for use.

It is apparent that the advantages of Bitdefender Antivirus significantly outbalance the setbacks with regard to performance and usability. With near-perfect precision and solid support in seeking out and destroying malware and other cyber threats, Bitdefender Antivirus has the makings of a superb system security, for both personal and business use.

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