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5 Tips to get your Canon MG2525 Printer Working Again

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The Canon MG2525 Printer is an affordable and user friendly solution to all the printing needs. The small structure of the Printer does not acquire much space as well. It is the perfect aid to large scale as well as small scale printing jobs. The Printer is compatible with desktops and through a wifi connection. Along with printing, you can get your scanning tasks done too. The Canon MG2525 Inkjet setup is also easy to carry forward for smooth functioning. 

Features of the Canon MG2525 Printer 

  1. It can automatically detect any printing task and power on by itself to continue with the task.
  2. Offers 4800 × 600 dpi resolution to make a close enough replica of the soft copy that is being printed. 
  3. You can avail scanning options with high resolution copies as well.
  4. The printer acquires less space in your workspace unlike other printers.
  5. It comes in two colors, namely red and black.
  6. Lets you add edits to the pictures like blur out effect and more before taking a print out.
  7. Compatible with sheets of paper as well as photo papers. It also comes with both monochrome and colored print outs.

5 Tips to get your Canon MG2525 Printer Working Again 

Sometimes it so happens that your Canon MG2525 Printer might malfunction because of the tremendous work pressure on it. It is also possible that it causes trouble for a short period of time only. But you can easily fix these problems on your own or with the help of a technician. 

  • Canon MG2525 Printer troubleshooting 

Troubleshooting comes in handy when the printer shows ‘Not printing properly’ issue. 

  • Firstly, open the control panel from the desktop that is connected to the printer. 
  • Then go to devices and printers.
  • Check for the available modes of printing and ensure that your Canon MG2525 Printer is paired with the desktop. To pair it, you need to select the name of the Printer to connect with it.
  • Set it as the default Printer with ‘set as default’ option.
  • Double check whether it is saved as the default by a small tick near it.

Now your Printer will smoothly print up all the documents. With this method, your printer will be saved as the default printing source for whenever you want to print. Even if it is after shutting down the systems. 

  • Get rid of print queues 

A long queue of pending print outs can be a cause for print out troubles. Sometimes with the extreme work pressure, you might give a lot to print out and that might saturate the printer. So, you should always delete the unnecessary copies of pending print outs for the device to function smoothly. In order to delete the unnecessary queue follow these steps.

  • Go to the Control panel on your desktop.
  • Open the services window and click on the Print Spooler option.
  • From the drop down menu click on stop.
  • After these steps search for spool from the search box.
  • From there go to the printers folder and delete all the folders in it.
  • On completion of these steps, go back to print Spooler option and click on start.

After trying these steps you can try giving printouts afresh. 

  • Clean up the printer parts and surrounding spaces

Your Canon MG2525 Printer might be having trouble printing because there might be deposits of dust on the printer head. In order to clean it properly, use a damp duster to get the dust deposits off. Try to maintain the area around the printer and keep it clean. Dust can be harmful for not just the printer but your desktop as well. So, it is commonly advised to keep the room in which you set up the computer and the printer clean. Regular maintenance of the devices can keep them in proper working condition and can make them usable for many years.

  • Try power on and off

When the Canon MG2525 Printer is not working, the simplest way to solve the problem is to apply the basic power disconnecting solution. 

  • Press the power off button on the printer to temporarily shut it off. 
  • Then disconnect the printer from the power source by taking out the port. 
  • Wait for a few minutes and reattach the power source to the printer.
  • Then turn it on and try printing. 

This is the quickest and the simplest solution to get your printer started. This is certainly not a permanent solution but if the issue of the printer not working does not pop up again then this trick is quite handy.

  • Close your firewall software

The firewall on your computer might be interfering with your printer connectivity. So, it is worth a shot to try disabling the firewall for a while. 

  • From the control panel again, search for Windows firewall.
  • Then look for the option that says turn on and off the Windows firewall. 
  • Switch to turn of Windows firewall from both public as well as private firewall networks. There is nothing to fret even if it says ‘Not recommended’. You can always change the settings after your issue has been resolved.
  • The last step is to confirm the new changes made. 

You can easily change the firewall settings after you get the printer to start working again. This trick can most likely solve the Canon MG2525 Printer not working issue.

There can be various other reasons that your Canon MG2525 Printer is not working. You can get help from trained professionals with your Canon MG2525 inkjet setup. Getting it properly fixed from a technician can avoid such problems as ‘unable to print’ or ‘printer not working’. It is also advisable to check whether the ink needs refilling or the connections are okay and fixed properly to the system. 


Check for whether the right printer is connected to your desktop or not. If not try reconnecting from connected devices. You can mention below if you are having any other problems with the Canon MG2525 Printer


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