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Your RAM Is About To Fail…

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There comes a time when the electronic components within your personal device start to falter.

None of the components are more susceptible to issues than the RAM.

Why A Failing RAM Matters

Why does a failing RAM really matter? The cracked screen is still going and you can really do without an ‘F2’ button the keyboard, but the case is different with a RAM. It is one of the most important components of your PC. Sadly, it also has the highest failure rates out of all the components.

The RAM is the key player in helping you multi-task. The more the RAM, the more applications you will be able to run. In most cases, the operating system and the browser hog the most RAM. It stores the active data the computer is using for quick retrieval.

If you doubt your PC RAM might be gradually dying, look for these signs to be certain:

Deteriorating Performance

One of the clearest signs of failing RAM is deteriorating performance. You might notice that the computer is perfect when it boots up, but the longer you use it, the slower it gets.

While there might be other reasons like a backend application hogging up RAM, if you can’t find the reason the problem is almost always a failing RAM.

Abrupt Crashes

Has your PC been crashing too often lately? Are you starting to get too familiar with the blue screen on Windows—particularly when you try to access a certain application? The culprit may be a failing RAM. Random, inconsistent crashes are often caused by deteriorating RAMs that cannot keep up with PC activities.

Video Cards Don’t Load

You will often notice a loud beep when you turn on your PC. This is an indication that your video card is recognized and booted.

If you don’t hear any sound, this could indicate that the video card failed to boot due to a bad RAM. You might also be prompted with a warning message as the systems struggles to boot.

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