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Hello there, Are you facing WINDOWS ACTIVATION ERROR 0XC004F213? Don’t worry then here at Exceltechguru you will get to know how to resolve this error.

Windows activation helps users to check if the windows copy is genuine or real. Windows is considered to be the part of Microsoft which always and in a regular manner comes up with advanced and latest versions. To enjoy and have access to the new features, users have to upgrade or update their Windows to its advanced, latest version. While in an updating process, many errors occur and one of the errors which occur is Windows activation error oxc004f213 when no product key is found in the device.

Excel Tech guru provides customers assistance to get rid of all these errors. Skilled, professional technicians are hired for reliable, easy solutions and guidance to solve these errors. Nowadays, several people around the world use these Windows for their work purposes. But sometimes, this error occurs and their work is stuck in-between. So, excel tech guru emerges as a help to the several users to solve the Windows activation error oxc004f213.



Following below steps are required to be followed for fixing the windows activation error oxc004f213

  1. To buy the product key is considered to be the most efficient way to solve the error of windows activation. For doing this following steps are to be performed
  • First, click on the start button and open the settings option.
  • Secondly, click on the updates and security option and click on the activation option.
  • Then choose the Microsoft office store option.
  • The option of new windows license will appear.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Again select on updates and security option.
  • Click on the activation option and click on the option of an edit product key.
  • Update the windows with a new key.

      2. To restore the activation token which involves reconstructing the activation token file.

  • First, click on my computer and go to local disk c
  • Then click on Windows.
  • Select the system 32
  • Go to the store and click on the system drive where the windows have been installed.
  1. To activate windows by giving the command by following the below-given steps-
  • First, click on the start button and go to the CMD.
  • Then right-click on the command prompt and choose to run as an administrator.
  • Now enter the commands as displayed on the screen.

     4.  To perform the system file checker command due to an internal error in the computer. Following below steps can be followed for running a command-

  • First, click on the start button.
  • Then in the search bar type cmd
  • Choose to run cmd as an administrator.
  • After that type scans now and clicks on the enter button.
  • The process will start.

So, these are the steps to be followed for solving the Windows activation error oxc004f213. Excel tech guru provides it, customers, with reliable, sustainable solutions for getting rid of the errors occurring in your Windows just by sitting at home through the live chat option available.


This is an error that occurs on windows if they are trying to upgrade to windows 10 or dealing with windows, one can fix it through various ways, one of them being either by restoring the activation token or other by giving an easy to follow command to the computer that is;
-Go to the start button and then cmd
-Then find the command prompt and click on run as an administrator.
-Then type the following commands- slmgr.vbs.ipk , slmgr.vbs/ato .
To fix the windows activation error one can either buy the product key, if not then as mentioned previously that is fixing the error through the giving the commands to the coputer through run or simply restoring the activation token which is-
-Going to computer then local disk c
-Then clicking on windows then system 32
-Once it is done, move to the store and the system drive where installation of windows has been done.
Windows might ask one to activate over and over because the activation may not have been processed or in align with the computer and one probably needs to fix the error or try troubleshooting methods to deal with the issue.
After installation, one can run their windows without any issues for one month then after one month or until the trail period ends and then restrictions, limitations and issues might occur where one would be compelled to activate it.

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