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Hey, are you facing problems of WINDOWS 10 ACTIVATION ERROR 0XC004C008  don’t worry here you will know how to resolve this error. Activation errors are common in Windows and there are various methods, ways through which this error can be fixed. Windows 10 Activation error 0xc004coo8 is an error that can occur anytime if the user has installed the Windows 10 product-specific number of times. Windows 10 license can be installed one time only. If the user has brought a new device or has changed the hardware, then this  Windows 10 activation error 0xcoo4coo8 can occur through the usage of the activation code. Windows activation is necessary for the proper, smooth functioning of Windows 10.

The product key used earlier on another computer can create an error. The various solution can be found for fixing this error by applying some simple methods. Windows 10 is considered to have a complex operating system. Running of Windows Troubleshooter to fix the error 0xc004coo8 is a reliable step as it fixes the error in an automatic manner if the error is not so big. Various steps are required to be followed for this which are given below-

  • First press the Windows key along with the I for opening the settings.
  • Then, select the updates and security options for opening the Activation tab.
  • Click on the troubleshooting button provided.
  • Then, the process will start and the error will be fixed automatically.



This Windows 10 activation error oxcoo4coo8 have some causes for its occurrence which are discussed below-

  • Changes in the components of the hardware.
  • The problem in RAM, motherboard, Hard Driver.
  • The license key has been expired or no longer valid.
  • If the system has been changed.
  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of the Windows software
  • The corrupt windows registry.
  • Program maliciously or mistakenly deleted from the windows.


Below steps are provided for fixing the Windows 10 activation error oxcoo4c008

  1. First, type the command SLUI 4 and then RUN Windows.
  2. Click on the Enter button.
  3. Choose the country one has to get registered.
  4. Enter the installation ID.
  5. Choose how many copies need to be installed of the Windows with the license.
  6. Choose one time only otherwise it will not work.
  7. Confirm the ID and one is good to go with the product key which works.

The above-given steps are easy, reliable for applying the Windows 10 activation error 0xcoo4coo8.

For running the Windows activation troubleshooter for fixing the error and simplest manner to fix the issues on own. Windows troubleshooter is one of the best tools one can find the system itself. Once it has run it, the user will also try to fix the issue in an automatic manner.

Windows 10 operating system is a complicated one and the user has to be comfortable with it for using it on daily basis. Various errors can be fixed by following some solutions like trying phone activation, Windows troubleshooter, and many more solutions for fixing the error in a permanent manner. The error code Oxcoo4coo8 is the number of times the license number can be used for installing windows programs on the computer. All the Windows activation codes can be used for only one time for controlling piracy, the crash of the PC, for changing the hardware component or user is forced to re-install the Windows Operating system. Windows 10 is an advanced, latest version of Microsoft Windows and consists of several advanced features. It includes safety and security advanced features which enable to protect Windows from virus and malware.  The error oxcoo4coo8 occurs due to several times the use of Windows 10 products.

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