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Hello, there are you facing WINDOWS 10 ACTIVATION ERROR 0XC004C003 then don’t be concerned, here in this article you will get to know how to resolve this error by some simple and easy steps. so come and let’s have a look.

Windows 10 activation errors are referred to as the most commonly occurring errors. This error occurs if the activation servers are busy and if the upgrade of Windows 10 is not performed in a proper manner. Windows 10 activation error 0xc004c003 occurs when the end-user tries to activate Windows10 after the installation. End users who upgrade from the older version of Windows are likely to face this error of activation.

Windows 10 is available for free during the upgrade, there is a process in the place which ensures information from the previous install which is carried over and utilized for purpose of activation.  There are many reasons why this Windows 10 activation error oxcoo4c003 occurs during the process of the activation phase.



The most common causes of WINDOWS 10 ACTIVATION ERROR OXC004C003 is as follows-

  • The activation key has been blocked due to the hard drive being cloned.
  • Windows servers are busy.
  • The end-user has tried to use Windows 7 and 8 activation keys.
  • Important hardware changes are made to the system after the installation of Windows 10.


Various solutions are provided below for fixing the Windows 10 activation error 0XC004C003.


  1. Try to restart your PC by following below given steps-
  2. Click on the start button and go to settings
  3. Click on the update option and security option.
  4. Click on the recovery option
  5. Reset this PC option will appear and click on get started
  6. Few minutes will be taken for completing the process of the restart.


Use the command prompt by executing the command.


Try to install Windows 7 and 8 again and then upgrade. After upgrading to Windows 10 perform a clean install for fixing the error code by following the below-given steps-

  1. Insert the Windows installation CD and make sure to have a valid product key.
  2. Start PC through CD.
  3. Install Windows 7 or 8
  4. Confirm that version of the windows installed is activated.
  5. If the system does not show windows upgrade notification, then download the window media creation tool from Microsoft.
  6. Use the upgrade to this PC feature for downloading Windows 10.
  7. Activate Windows 10 without any error


Clean booting of the computer

  1. First, run the Windows and enter the command box misconfig and click on the OK button.
  2. Open the General tab and click on the selective startup option.
  3. Click on the services tab and select the checkbox to hide all the Microsoft services.
  4. Disable all and click on the OK button.


To perform an SFC scan

  1. Open cmd as administrator.
  2. Now type SFC scan and press on OK button.
  3. SFC scan now command will scan the protected system files.


Ping the network start with Microsoft servers

  1. Click on the start menu and search the command prompt.
  2. After the CMD prompt windows get opened and a command will be typed.
  3. In last, user can replace office 365 with the versions one have and the result should be the address of the Microsoft servers.

Watch the video for more clearance :


The above-provided solutions are easy and simple to understand and apply for fixing the Windows 10 activation error 0XC004C003. An automatic solution is also there of  PC repair tool for fixing this Windows 10 activation error 0XC004C003. If these solutions do not work in fixing the error then Microsoft customer service helpline can be contacted for help as several users have reported that they have managed to fix this error in a convenient and reliable way.

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