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Why is the Epson Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

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In this innovative world, every technology is running online. In the same way, the printer also has taken initiation in the online world. Now you can connect Epson printer to Wi-Fi. You can also command your printer through Wi-Fi to print out. Epson printer comes with wireless connectivity which provides you cable-free prints, and prints from anywhere. As the technology improves it takes a few bugs too. When you go through wireless technology then there you face so many types of problems such as poor connectivity, Epson printer not connecting to Wi-Fi, and so on. So, in this article, we will read solutions regarding the wireless error that comes during printing and how can we sort out these types of problems.

Reason Why is the Epson printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Lack of connectivity is always found in the wireless internet connection. But, it does not mean wireless internet connections are not good to use. If we talk about wireless connectivity regarding the Epson printer these printers are damn good. Epson printers are very quick and user-friendly. In any case, you face problems regarding connectivity so we are sharing a few solutions to make your printing experience good with the Epson printer. The reason behind the Epson printer not connecting to Wi-Fi is listed below: –

  1. Problem in driver
  2. Poor internet connectivity
  3. Changes made in SSID and firewall
  4. Disable Wi-Fi button
  5. Enable VPN connections
  6. Firmware restricting the connection
  7. The router is out of range
  8.  a problem with IP address

How to establish a connection between Wi-Fi and Epson printer?

It becomes very frustrating when you need an urgent printout and your printer run out of connectivity. So, we are sharing a few solutions by which you can drag your printer back into active mode. How to connect epson printer to wifi. The solution is described below: –

  1. If you found your Epson printer wifi connection is not connected with your Wi-Fi, to connect printer wireless network you must check whether your Wi-Fi button is switched on or not if it is unable then make it enable. As you will enable the Wi-Fi button you will see your printer will connect automatically with the Wi-Fi.
  2. Poor internet connection may also be the reason for not become able to make a connection with the epson printer wifi connection. If epson printer not connecting to wifi. You must check or call your internet provider to check whether your internet connectivity is good or not.
  3. Multiple Wi-Fi connections make the machine confuse. In that case, you must check whether your printer is trying to connect to your active Wi-Fi or not. If it is not, then try to connect Epson printer with your active internet connection.
  4. If you have multiple printers then you must check whether the printer, you are trying to connect is set as the default printer to use or not. If it is not, then set your default printer. After setting the default printer. The printer will automatically connect to Wi-Fi.
  5. If everything is fine with your printer and internet connection but still you find the printer is not connecting. you must reset your printer.
  6. Reinstalling drivers can also help in setting a Wi-Fi connection with Printer.
  7. Changes in the setting of SSID and firewall can also help you to establish a connection between Wi-Fi.
  8. Sometimes there is an updation needed in the software regarding printing and router firmware can keep your printer out from connectivity. So if any software or firmware is asking for any updation please update. After updating the software reboot the printer and computer both. It will come back in active mode.
  9. If your printer is facing a problem with connecting issues. You can also run a printing troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will fix the problem and it will suggest to you what changes you need to do.

Solve the connectivity problem with basics

Every time reason behind the lack of connectivity does not have great reasons. If your printer is unable to connect with Wi-Fi, then there must be a few basic reasons which you are unable to notice. Connectivity is not a big issue that cannot be resolved. Sometimes connectivity issues come due to a lack of basic technical problems. If we manage those basic problems, then it became easy to get better print results over a Wi-Fi connection. So now we are sharing a few basic reasons which can help you to make your wireless printing easy. The solutions are listed below: –

  1. Check whether the printer power button is switched on or not before giving a command
  2. The Wi-Fi button on the printer should be enabled
  3. Check every cable is firmly connected to the printer.
  4. Few prints take time to print, so check that there would be no print listed in the queue.
  5. Check the warning lights in the printer if it would be available in a printer
  6. Check whether the printer using USB, the printer is in working mode or not.
  7. Updation in software is essential to make your printer properly working.
  8. The range of the router would be capable to connect with the printer. If the printer will be far from a Wi-Fi router it will be hard to connect with Wi-Fi.
  9. Reset the printer
  10. Shut down the printer and restart it again


Epson is a globally famous printing company. They are providing you with lots of features to get you a great printing experience at your home and in your office too. Printing with the help of Wi-Fi is a great feature in the printing industry and it helps you a lot. It saves your time traveling to your printer and gives commands from your computer. In Wi-Fi connectivity-enabled printer provide you to give commands from your phone or from your tablet to print anything you are interested in print.


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