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Why Canon Pixma MX922 Support Code b200 Needed ?

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In the revolutionary world of innovation, if you think about printing machines, the first name that pops up in your mind is Canon. Canon printers are the best printers for printing, but if there is a machine, then there is an error too. As we know everything has a dual phase. So, in this article, we will focus on all the good and bad reasons for the print error. So today we are going to share a few solutions regarding the Cannon Pixma MX922 printer’s Support Code b200.

 What is the Canon Pixma MX922 Support Code b200?


Likewise, a support code is the error’s identity displayed on the screen of the monitor. Support code b200 is a very basic error that indicates that there is a problem in the printing head of that printer. A printer is useless if it can’t provide you with better prints. So, for achieving hassle-free printing. This error reminds us to maintain the printer heads quality and repair procedure. There are plenty of reasons to show support code b200 on screen. A few are mentioned below: –

  • Support code b200 occurs when the printer gets maladjusted. Usually, the reason behind the dysfunctional printer’s head is when inks get clogged into the nozzle or cartridges get disreputed, and the printer prints distorted and blurred pictures and text.
  • The use of fake cartridges is also the reason for showing Canon pixma mx920 Support Code b200. Fake cartridges are mostly faulty, and they can damage the print heads. If there is any fault in the cartridges, then showing Support Code b200 is possible on screen.
  • It is very rare, but a jammed paper in the printer can also be the cause of support code b200. The use of undamped paper can prevent your printer from receiving the Support Code b200.
  • The heating problem in print heads is also the reason for showing Support Code b200. It happens when the printer prints more than its capacity. In that case, support code b200 is visible.

Reason Why Canon Pixma MX922 Support Code b200 is needed


Support code b200 is needed to identify the disreputed print heads and cartridges. If the Support Code b200 is not there, then it will be hard to find the cause behind the faulty prints. If support code b200 is not shown, then the whole printer could get damaged. It is also a saying that continuing to show a b200 error is a sign of changing the printer. So, the b200 error is a preventive programming part to keep your Cannon Pixma printer safe. Sometimes old ink gets harder in cartridges, so these types of flaws can be fixed after getting Support Code b200. Cannon Pixma is the best printing machine which has so many inbuilt innovative features like Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity and remote printing. In that case, there should be one program that informs the operator that the machine is facing a problem. support code b200 to make you aware of the furious damage caused.

The second main reason which reveals the importance of b200 printer is, it provides you a suggestion to replace print head instead of printing machine. Before wasting money on the printer it will be a lot worth using the same printer with a replaced print head which provides you with better print quality than the new printer will provide you. Printers are quite costly so now and then changing printer is not good for business and your pocket too. So, in that case, the b200 error suggests improving the print quality by fixing the error or replacing the print machine.

How to Clear Canon Pixma MX922 Support Code b200? 


Support code b200 is a basic error code. Here we are providing you with a few suggestions which help you to clear the b200 error code. Suggestions are given below: –

  1. If you want to clear the support code b200, then you will have to switch on the printer. Hold the reset or stop button to stop the program. Hold the reset button to print a colored printout. After 5 seconds, the printer will reboot itself and the default setting will be re-established. May you will not get the b200 error on your computer screen.
  2. Another way of clearing the support code is, you reset your printer. As the printer will rest it will re-establish the printing drivers and save all the defaults setting which is essential for the printer to be there to get better print results.
  3. Sometimes print heads get faulty and cannot be fixed anyways. In that case, the device needed the print head replacement. Usually, after replacing the print head your support code b200 gets clear.
  4. The support code b200 is also removed if you clean your print heads and ink cartridges. When ink is clogged into the nozzle then usually we observe problems like the b200 error. So if the code is coming due to faulty cartridges will be clear after cleaning the cartridges and print head. If you are going to clean the cartridges, then you must sure that the water should be warm. Cold water can make the ink denser and cleaning cartridges will get a more complicated task.
  5. If you are not getting the reason for the error and you found everything in your printer is in good condition in that case, you have to shut down the printer at least for 2 hours. It may help to clear the b200 error.
  6. Reinstalling the new ink cartridges is also a good way to fix the b200 error. It seems sometimes ink cartridges get overused so it stops working. In that case, replacing ink cartridges is the best way to get rid of the b200 error. During replacing cartridges, you must be careful regarding the buses attached to the print head. it should not be damaged.
  7. Sometimes the cables of the print head get loose. In that case, you could see the b200 support code. you should also check cables and wires are firmly connected to the print head or not. If the reason behind the b200 support code would be the cable, then it will be fixed after connecting the cable firmly to the print head.


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