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Troubleshooting Scanner Issues That You May Face When Scanning from Acrobat

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An incredible program of the Adobe Suite, Acrobat allows users to capture a document and view it in its full glory.

Acrobat is great for documents that are made for print but have to be viewed and shared electronically. Acrobat Reader is required for viewing the PDF file.

Along with printing, scanning Acrobat document is also very handy. Here are some general troubleshooting tips when scanning from Acrobat:

Scan by Using another Application to Ensure That There Is No Problem with Your Scanner

If your Acrobat document is not getting scanned, try another application such as Microsoft Word. If it scans fine with the same settings, it means that there’s nothing wrong with your scanner. The problem lies somewhere else.

Try Scanning from Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) In Place of TWAIN

Your windows may be using the TWAIN driver to scan documents. If it is, go to the Device menu in Create PDF Section in the Scanner dialog box, and choose Windows Image Acquisition or WIA driver. Scanning with this option may resolve the issue.

Have the Latest Scanner Driver

If any of the drivers is missing or damaged, you will receive an error message. To get the latest drivers, you may have to contact your scanner manufacturer. Make sure you delete all TWAIN driver files and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Disable Startup Items and Try Restarting

Sometimes, applications running simultaneously with Acrobat can cause errors or delays in scanning. Disable all the startup applications and restart your device. This will speed up the process and you may be able to finally scan.

Scan with a Different Color Mode

Some scanners do not scan efficiently in certain color modes. See your scanner’s manual to find out what color mode it prefers. Change the settings and try scanning now.

Mention the Image Size You Want in the Preview Panel

Sometimes, the scanned image may not have the right dimensions or may be pruned awkwardly. If this is the case, make sure you specify the exact image size in the preview panel.

Sign In With another Account

If you have been scanning without problems before and the error has just suddenly emerged, your account may have gotten corrupted. Signing in with a new account may do the trick.

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