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Spectre x360 battery plugged is not charging

Spectre x360 battery plugged is not charging

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One day you can suddenly see that your Spectre x360 battery is plugged but is not charging. It can be a pretty confusing situation for most people. You can be rest assured that this common problem can be seen in laptops that have been in use for a long time. 

Hp is one of the most widely sold laptop and computer brands in the world. This American tech manufacturing company has launched many impressive laptop and PC series in all its years of existence. The Spectre x360 is one such choice. It is a pretty excellent laptop choice for most people, who need to carry it with them for work etc. 

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Reasons for your Spectre x360 battery is plugged but is not charging

  • Your power socket can be the one with the problem in such a case; you should try to plug the charger into a different outlet.
  • The laptop charger can be defective or broken or simply too worn out from use.
  • In the occasion that you have downloaded something on your system, it can be corrupted and lead to problems in the battery.
  • It could be an issue with the battery settings of your laptop.
  • The battery can be defective, in which case it should be replaced.

Ways to fix your Spectre x360 battery plugged but not charging.

Before you can panic from this issue and call a technician for his services, you can try to fix the issues yourself:

1. Trouble in the hardware

More often than not the issues in your battery are caused due to external hardware problems. They also have simple solutions, such as:

  1. Inspect the condition of the charging cable; if it has been damaged or broken the cable will need to be replaced.
  2. You should also check the charging outlets and the power they are providing.

2. Reboot the power systems

This is generally the first step in troubleshooting a spectre x360battery plugged but not charging problem:

  1. Turn the laptop off and detach all the cables and battery.
  2. After a minute, put the battery back in its place.
  3. Fire the laptop up and plug the charger.
  4. Chances are that your problem will be solved.

3. Inspect if the power settings have been changed:

If your laptop is in a power saving mode, you should begin by disabling it. Manage all your power charging issues efficiently and avoid downloading any extra problems that can be harmful for the battery. 

4. Update the BIOS of your system:

The BIOS of your laptop is important for the proper management of your operating system. If it gets corrupted, battery issues such as this can occur. To fix it, visit the official website of the HP support system and update the BIOS as per requirements.

5. If your laptop’s port is faulty

In case all your efforts to troubleshoot the spectre x360battery plugged but not charging are unsuccessful. The issue could be with the port itself. It can be damaged due to use, in that case reach out to a tech expert and get it changed.

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