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Signs Your IT Employee Has Gone Rogue

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The digital age has made the sharing of information very easy. This has helped businesses grow at a pace that would have seemed impossible just a few decades back.

However, there have also been a few downsides to this revolution.

Malicious entities all across the globe are constantly trying to gain access to sensitive personal and financial records.

They routinely target major corporations with cyber-attacks to get hold of their valuable data. Not all data theft is detected immediately. Some data breaches can often go undetected for long periods.

A report shows that in 7% of breach cases, the discovery of the breach was made after more than a year had passed. Timely detection of information leakage is also not enough. Companies have to find ways to counter data-theft before it even occurs.

External threats to a company’s data security are very serious issues, but internal information security threats can be equally devastating. The business managers of modern times have to be careful in giving employees access to critical information about the company.

What harm can rogue IT employees do?

When hiring people for the IT department, managers tend to select the most proficient and hardworking people they can find.

However, not every talented employee also has an unshakeable loyalty toward the firm. Sometimes, a seemingly dutiful worker can turn out to be a corporate spy and can be responsible for causing significant harm to the financial interests of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye out for rogue employees and to carefully look for certain warning signs that can help you identify employees who are prepared to misuse their privilege for their own benefits.

Such employees can steal company funds, access sensitive emails and records illegally, or sell the company’s vital information to its rivals.

How can you detect rogue IT employees?

In order to identify rogue IT employees, look out for the following signs:

  1. They are very well informed

The biggest identifying sign of rogue employees is that they are completely aware of each and everything that goes on in the workplace. They even know about events before they are officially announced. If you spot such a person amongst your workers, keep a close eye on him/her.

  1. They claim they can hack anyone

Another red flag for identifying potential rogue employees is that they tell their colleagues that they can easily hack the company’s systems whenever they want. Even if an employee casually talks about hacking into computers, there is a chance that he/she might try to experiment around and gain access to the company’s confidential data. Keep such people on your watch list and monitor their activities carefully.

Make it clear to your employees that they should reports such remarks and instruct the managers to take serous notice of them.

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