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Signs That Your Computer May Be Breached

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Even though the latest advancements in computers have made life well connected and a lot more convenient than it was a decade ago, they have also contributed to a growth in hacking activities. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been almost 6,432 registered cases of security breaches since 2005 till August 2016, and most of them involved stealing financial data.

Even with the growing integration of advanced antivirus systems and firewalls in workplaces, your PC still remains at the risk of being breached. In this blog post, we shed light on some of the most common signs that indicate your PC may have been breached:

Your Computer Keeps Slowing Down Every Day

Although most of us naturally complain that our workplace PCs are slower – thanks to the need for fast paced computers – if your PC keeps getting slower every day without any obvious signs, the problem could be serious. There could be a malicious code installed on your computer which may be slowing down all processors.

You Cannot Log In

If you are unable to login into your computer with the same login details you used a day before, it could be a sign that you’ve been hacked. Most hackers typically pull off this move so that you insert a new password which can then be captured.

There Is A Wave Of Pop-Ups

If, all of a sudden, you start noticing that the number of pop-ups is growing, it could mean that the system has been breached.

These pop-ups could be regarding a special antivirus program or even computer warnings you may never have seen before. Don’t click on them. A hacker could be faking these messages in order to gain hold of your personal information.

There Are New Browser Toolbars You Never Installed

A common sign that a hacker may have made his/her way into your PC is strange toolbars that show up out of nowhere. They may keep reappearing even when you install them. Make sure that you regularly review the add/remove tab in the control panel to uninstall software you don’t know.

If you suspect that your system has been breached or hacked, you need to get in touch with your technical support service provider as soon as possible. At Excel Tech Guru, we make sure that we keep your PCs protected at all times with reliable computer security essentials. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help safeguard your IT infrastructure.

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