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[Solved] Restart Windows Audio Service in Windows

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Have you recently updated your operating system by Microsoft, and now you feel the need to restart windows audio service? A few users are served with a popup regarding an error in their audio service, every time they try to sign in in Windows devices.

Audio is an integral part of several programs on our systems, so there can be many different reasons for this problem. We have compiled a list combing through every possible reason and solution that can be implemented by users to fix this issue.

Why does the restart windows audio service issue occur?

  • One of the primary reasons can be a worn out audio driver, which can no longer be used.
  • Configuration problems in the audio services of your system.
  • A large amount of hoarded data, which needs to be deleted.

restart windows audio service



How to resolve the restart windows audio service issue?

If you are sick and tired of seeing the restart windows audio service message on your PC, below are some dependable ways to solve it:

Refurbishing your driver

Begin by looking into whether the problem has occurred due to the audio driver. It could be that it has become old and unusable for your new OS. To fix this, you simply need to install a new one right from the comfort of your house:

  • Click on the start option, go to the device manager.
  • There you will find a category for your sound management.
  • Go to the ‘HD audio device’ where you will find the option to update your audio software.
  • Look for an updated copy of it and wait for it to get downloaded and installed.
  • To check if the issue has been resolved or not, you will have to reboot your system and then try playing an audio or video with sound.

reinstall audio driver

A Clean sweep in safe mode

The restart windows audio service message can also be possibly taken care by just performing a clean boot program on some of your softwares. To perform this boot you should be logged into the system as the administrator – it will enable you to skip any and permission clearances required.

  • To open the run box, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Look for the code MSConfig and click on the services, after you tick all the service options present in the list, disable them all.
  • Go to the startup tab and then the task manager option.
  • You should then disable every single program running on there and then close the system configuration window.
  • You can then restart your device and check your audio.

clean sweep in safe mode

Window audio service

Lastly, if all the above ways fail in resolving your restart windows audio service, you should try to look into the audio services, just follow a few easy steps as follows:

  • Hold the Win and R keys and enter a code, ‘Services.msc’ it will lead you to the audio services of your Windows.
  • Press on restart and open up the properties in order to stop all the running services.
  • Change up the start-up time to automatic, also for any and all other audio services in your system.
  • When you’re done, reboot your PC once more and check if the error message pops up.

These methods are enough to easily resolve any restart windows audio service but if they don’t you always have the option of asking for help from the customer service by visiting their official website.

restart windows audio service


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