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[Resolved] Orange Light on Belkin router | Exceltechguru

Orange Light on Belkin router

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Belkin router solid orange light

The support that our Wi-Fi routers are able to give us is unmatched. From browsing to surfacing, internet connection controls, and influences our lives in almost all aspects. 

Similarly, the manufacturing of many such routers and modems have peaked owing to the fact of how majorly it is used in our generation. These wifi routers thus have various inbuilt colors that blink to reflect the status of the router.

For example, the Belkin router’s solid orange light implies that the router is not stable or functioning. Similarly, other lights such as green or red imply proper functioning of the router and red implies no connection. 

These lights denote more than just being colors but more about the current condition of the network and router which is imperative to keep a check on. 

Belkin router solid orange light-Exceltechguru

 Belkin router solid orange light:

Belkin router solid orange light shows that the modem and router’s connection is established but it is unable to get connected to the router due to which the connected devices will not get a stable internet connection and would not be able to function smoothly.

To take care and prevent the Belkin router solid orange light, focus on the steps mentioned below;

  1. Check thoroughly if the login credentials are inserted correctly. 
  2. Make sure the IP address is not creating any issues with the connection. 
  3. Check if all the cables and the wires are fixed tightly and are not loose. 
  4. Any internal technical issue which is creating a hindrance.

There are many various unnamed issues due to which this error could arise however one can follow some of the few basic steps to fix the error from their end;

How To Fix Belkin router flashing orange light problem?

Method 1: Update the router’s firmware

Few of the issues could arise because the router needs to get updated and is running on the old outdated version. Updating can fix glitches and remove bugs if caused due to this.

Step 1: Make sure the Belkin router settings are backed up and then visit their website.

Step 2: Then type the product, the router name and the model number to be directed to a new page. 

Step 3: Once directed to the new page, choose and select the version that you use and download it.

Step 4: Then, go to downloads and the firmware option. Once the new window opens up, use the credentials to log in.

Step 5: Choose the firmware option by clicking on utilities

Step 6: Then from there, go to the browser and click on the .bin file

Step 7: Choose the option of firmware and updates.

Step 8: After following the prompts, the upgrade status will be reflected and one can install the update accordingly through the directions offered. 

Method 2: Check if the router is plugged in properly


Step 1: Check thoroughly if all the cables are fixed properly and the router is not loosely fixed from anywhere. 

Step 2: Keep a check on the signals and if the wires are creating issues due to which the connectivity is fluctuating.

Step 3: Another approach can be taken through a power cycle router in which the person can disconnect all the cables and unplug them for around 30 seconds after which they plug the cable again 

Method 3: Reset the router entirely


Step 1: Resetting the router is the last and the final approach if nothing else works because it erases the previous data. Make sure to note down the previous data settings and only go ahead with this method if you have no issue getting your data removed or erased. 

Step 2: On the back of the modem find the reset button.

Step 3: Press it with a sharp tiny pin or object for around 10 seconds and keep pressing it. After releasing the button, wait until it resumes with a sound and after some seconds the router will get reset which means that the procedure of setting it to default settings will get processed. 

Step 4: After switching on the router, go through the process of basic configuration. 

Step 5: After this, check if the light getting reflected is still orange or not as it should now get fixed and back to the normal color. 


These methods should fix the issue of blinking orange light from your end however if the issue still persists then get technical help as it might be an issue that needs to get sorted from their end. 

Now that the Belkin router solid orange light is initiated and processed, one can easily go ahead with using the router with their comfort.

Through one of these approaches, the issue of the Belkin router solid orange light should get fixed, however, if the problem still persists then one can refer to the professional help and contact them.

We hope by now you have effectively solved the issue of the Belkin router’s solid orange light.

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