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How To Reset Canon MG2522 Setup Printer

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Canon printer is one of the top brands of users preferred nowadays. It holds a good position in the market today when talked in terms of print quality and efficacy. The printer is versatile and thus can be used both as a professional printer as well as a personal printer. But, being a technical device, there are some things that the users might face problems and hurdles in. One such issue is how to reset the Canon mg2522 setup printer. This reset is usually demanded when you encounter some kinds of technical issues while working with your printer. So, the problems may get cured many times just be a reset of your printer. Although the basic steps and procedure of your printer reset remain the same for every printer, which basically comes down to going to the control panel of your printer, it varies slightly for every model. And this slight variation is something that you must know if you are using the Canon mg2522 printer. So, here, we will help you with the ways as to how you can reset the Canon mg2522 printer.

How To Reset Canon MG2522 Printer

Reset Canon Mg2522 Printer:

The first thing you must know (if you are a new user) is that your Canon Mg2522 printer has an option of Factory Reset on it, which enables you to change the settings to factory default settings. For this, what is mandatory, is to reconnect the network at your home and perform the complete setup procedure once more. So, how will you get access to this Factory Reset option in your printer? You simply need to power on your printer device and then launch the menu. Then, follow the directional arrows and reach to the Setup Menu that comes after the device settings. Then, choose the option of “OK” and then select the option of “Reset Settings”. You again have to select “OK” to start off with the process. Then, after this, follow the steps given below to reset the Canon Mg2522 setup printer-

Step 1: The first thing to make sure is that your printer device’s power is switched off.

Step 2: Then, press the Stop button and the Power button simultaneously. Then, unhold or leave the Stop button, but continue pressing the Power button. Then, press the Sop button two more times, after half-minute of which the display screen of your printer will display O.

Step 3: Then again you are required to press the Stop button 4 more times and then pressing the Power button 2 more times. Then eventually you need to press the Power button once again to switch off your Canon Mg2522 printer. This is important to complete the reset process.

Once this procedure has been followed, you are also required to reset the ink cartridges of your printer. This is done by disconnecting the plug of your printer from the power source and also disconnecting the USB cables, thus, holding the power button and then opening the ink cartridge access door.

After this, you need to reconnect the power wire to the wall outlet and also press the power button. Eventually shut the access door of your ink cartridge, thereby releasing the power button.

Thus, these were the methods mentioned above that will help you to Reset your Canon mg2522 setup Printer.
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