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Remotely turn off Wifi Router

How To Remotely Turn Off WiFi Router

How to turn wifi off router remotely

Wi-Fi router is one of the most essential things to get through the day. From professional to personal usage, a Wi-Fi router due to which one is granted the heavenly usage of the internet is something that one cannot afford to look over. Thus, having easy access to the Wi-Fi router and being able to switch it on and off when desired is an imperative task for convenient purposes which is where one needs to have a grasp on how to turn wifi off the router remotely

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For someone who wants to learn how to turn wifi off the router remotely, there can be numerous reasons. 

Turn Off Wifi Router Remotely Under The Following Conditions:

Let us look at some of the common reason why one might want to know how to turn wifi off router remotely;

  • One of the major reasons why one could want to know how to turn wifi off the router remotely can be because they want to provide limited access to someone in their household, say their children or a teenager in the house.
  • Another reason could be that there could be multiple devices in the house and someone might want to switch it off remotely without physically moving.
  • Someone might want to have convenient access to the router and its functions without having to manually walk up to it. 
  • Another issue could also be a technical error or glitch due to which one is not able to turn on or turn off their wifi through the router as usual and is in need of another approach. 

Quick Steps to turn wifi off the router remotely :

Now that we have figured some of the reasons due to which someone might be wondering how to turn wifi off the router remotely completely, we can now move on to the solutions and the ways to do that.

Follow the steps through which one can turn their wifi off router;

Method 1: Log in to the website portal

One of the common ways to turn on and off the wifi router is heading onto the website of the manufacturer and logging in. Once you can check and analyze the status, see if that website allows and gives you the option of accessing the on and off option for the wifi router. Most of the sites have that option and the issue should be fixed. 


Method 2: Processing the method on the portal

  • After logging in to the website through the required credentials, one should have access to the main portal or the page from where they can extract the IP address so that the remote access option can be easily accessed. 
  • One has to find the option of configuration utility option box to analyze the status and take the details down for the IP Address. 


Method 3: Configuration of settings

  • To configure the settings, go to the administration settings and from there find the option. From there find the option of the management. One should be able to view various options and can find the option of ‘Remote Management’.
  • After it is done, click to get that feature and remember to save the newly changed settings.
  • Finally, open the browser and see if through the changed settings you’re able to access the remote approach for switching on and switching off your wifi. 


Through the process mentioned, one can easily access the remote way to turn off their wifi and get the answer to their question of how to turn wifi off the router remotely. In case there are queries, or if one needs a detailed process of how to turn the wifi off and on remotely then reach out to a professional expert who can be of use so that more ways and guidance will be provided.

We hope by now you have effectively solved the issue of how to turn wifi off the router remotely.

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