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1- Gathering information: We are expert in collecting information from various sources like web portals, mails, phones. We,exceltechguru, have developed our secure toolbars to collect all kind of information from our user that covers all corners. We respect privacy hence we keep the data hidden with us and don’t disclose it to any other merchant or on any public platform. We strictly prohibit any kind of selling or renting out the data as per our policy rules and regulations. We collect these data’s:

  •  EXCELTECHGURU only collects the data that is necessary to provide it services and stores it in the anonymized way in our own self-hosted analytics system.
  • You give us information when you register on our website, including your phone number, email address which is only used for marketing and promotional text messages from EXCELTECHGURU.

A – Private Information: To enjoy our unlimited services, the user must need to fill and submit a registration form that contains information like user’s first and last Name, E-mail address, Postal Address, personal identifier etc. After getting the form, the exceltechguru will contact the user on behalf of his registration form to explain about our product and services you are looking for. This further requires re-registration, several special offers, renewal notifications and feedback to improve our services.

B- Payment information: If the user gets himself registered with us to enjoy our services, we, exceltechguru, ask you for credit card and other payment information to make the payment and be our member. We might involve third party in processing and verifying the credit cards to clear the bills. To process this, we need to share necessary information like the user’s name, credit card number, expiry date and billing address with the credit card processing company(third party). Exceltechguru will also have the access to the information regarding amount of payment and other transaction data. We limit the transfer of this payment information to a third party to an extent in order to complete the payment processing. We disclose only the needed and required information.

2- Computer system information:

A– We may ask few important things regarding your computer like the purchase date of your computer, kind of computer, model number, identification details, making date, current condition of your computer or/any hardware attached to it, software registration data. We access these information as to provide you customized and updated technical servicesleading to upgrade in our service list.

B– Remote Access: We use the qualified tools which allows the user to give access of his computer system to our expert remotely over the internet so the our expert can diagnose and eliminate the problem. The access is granted with the consent of the user and only our trained professionals are allowed to use Remote access software. The information and data stored in the user’s system remain confidential.

C- Diagnostic tool: Our online diagnostic applications are one useful tool that collects the essential details and state of the system online. Exceltechguru further uses this documented information to diagnose the problem and solve end- user’s issues. This application does not access the sensitive or private information.

D- Log files: we collect the information by the use of IP Addresses to figure out the trend, track user movement, gather demographic information to for aggregate use.

E- Minor prohibited: Anyone who falls under this policy is not allowed to use our services. We strictly prohibit anyone who is under the age of 13 from accessing our services and support.

3- Security: All the information we collect from user is secures from both the end. We take care of user’s privacy and comfort. We use best of our encrytion software to encrypt user’s private data. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, our billing clerk or a customer service representative) are granted access to personally identifiable information.

4- SUPPLEMENTATION OF INFORMATION: In order the get some important data like user’s credit report, we need to supplement some information to third party. This needs to be done to complete the processing.

A- Special Offers: we plan special offers and services for our already existing customers as togive them the best of our services.

B- Correction/Updating Personal Information: user has the option the update any kind of information if he desires to make any kind of changes. This can be done through user’s profile.

C- Notification of changes: We reserve the right to this policy for bringing any kind of change and posting it online without any prior notice to the user’s. User can always check the updates privacy policy on our ‘Privacy Policy’ page.

D- Opt-out Provision: User has the right to choose the use of information provided by himother than the original purpose.

5- Email Information

We provide the protection to every electronic communication. If you communicate with us via mail, the information of both the end is kept with us safely.

6- How do we protect you and your Information?

All the information gathered via mail or any source is transmitted securely through a medium known as secure socket layers. Order information is protected through various codes and password and only the authorized user can access that information.

7- Privacy of children.

We do not entertain with our services to the children below 18. They are not allowed to use our website or services. If they desire to use our services, they first have to grant legalized permission from their parents.