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How To Fix Microsoft Excel cannot paste data Error?

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Microsoft Excel is a well-known use of Microsoft Office suite since this needed on the top necessities for the job and in offices. In the working life, this is well known and you don’t fend off yourself from utilizing this unpredictable application.

Using the MS Excel makes your work more simple, this helps the client to do complex computations effectively, make spending plans, produce diagrams and graphs, sort and store information, and numerous others. It makes the work simple this is highly inclined to make work quick and grow the business.

If you properly know how to use excel doesn’t mean you don’t face any issues while working. There are numerous sorts of errors, and issues that appear to the users from time to time in working. Any kind of error can corrupt your excel work and also unable to open that file.

Are you also facing issue to copy and paste data from one PC to another one? Do you experience every time with a popup message of Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data error? Here in this article, going to explain the cause of why Microsoft excel cannot paste the data and resolve this issue.

Excel File Cannot Paste The Data Error:

While working on Excel document have you experienced suddenly square shape popup and you shut the brief and attempt to click Ctrl+ C and Ctrl +V (copy & paste) again and the popup message shows up over and over again.

All things considered, this occurs by and large when you attempt to reorder information starting with one spreadsheet then onto the next.

At times, this Excel record can’t pate error is fixed easily like if you the cell in the sheet and then this causes the issue.

This error is not constrained to a specific exceed in excel but it is found that Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 clients are facing this issue.

Main causes of Microsoft excel cannot paste The data Error:

The most common cause for this is if you’re trying to copy data from a cell range and paste into non-merged cells.

If you often do multiple copy-pasting data, then in this situation, you’ll be getting the Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste information blunder.

How to Fix Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste The Data Error

1: Restart the Excel File

First, restart the Excel document to solve all the issues and errors.
So before attempting the given below steps save the Excel workbook.
Now close Excel and the Open the Excel document.
Presently check if you can copy the data without any error.

2: Check the Merge Cell

Firstly, check all your information that has merged cells? The main reason for getting the error of Microsoft excel cannot paste the data information because it is not allowed to copy from a merged cell go into non-merged cells.

In this way, to fix the error, pick the information, click on Merge and Center to flip it off. Now, attempt the copied information data again.

Or another way to select the data, information, select & copy the unmerged cells.
Now you can paste the information into different cells.

3: Disable the Macro Express Application

This is a working solution that will help the clients to determine Excel Cannot Paste the Data error.

Macro Express is a Windows-based application, this allows the clients to record, alter, and playback mouse and keyword macros.

The Macros Express program out of sight causes the error. Check for the background running projects in your Windows OS and disable the Macro Express.

Doing this will assist you with troubleshooting cannot paste error in Excel.

4: Restart the PC in Clean Boot State

If the above solution helps you to fix Excel can’t paste the information error, then it means your Excel document is dealing with any kind of issue.

So here it is considered to retry the system in the clean boot state and check whether the error is fixed or not.
Follow the steps to clean boot your Windows PC: How to perform a clean boot in Windows

5: Make Use Of the Automatic Repair Utility

Use the expert professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool to repair the issue, errors in Excel document. This tool will allow you to effectively restore all corrupt excel files such as the diagrams, worksheet properties cell remarks, and other significant information. From this, you can fix all kinds of issues, corruption, errors in Excel manuals. This is a unique device to fix various different excel files records at one fixed cycle and recovers the whole information in a preferred area. It is easy to use and compatible with both Windows just as Mac working framework. It supports all over Excel versions and the demo variant is free.

Dial Microsoft Excel Customer support for Assistance:

We Hope, by following such basic steps you can Resolve Excel cannot paste data Error. If the problem still persists, then you can contact Microsoft Excel Customer support Number +1 (240) 775-8797. Where our experts will assist you with step by step instructions so that you can fix the issue of your own, without any support.

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