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Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection

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Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection

Linksys router is one of the well-known products manufactured and launched by the American technology company based in the United States. 

Along with it, Linksys router also takes care of satiating the demands and expectations of the users for their high consumption of Internet and other services. 

Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection-Exceltechguru

However, sometimes even the best of products ends up encountering errors and issues such as faulty or slow internet connection. Many complaints have been taken up that say Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection

The issue of Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection could be due to multiple reasons.

Reasons of Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection:

  1. One of the common reasons why usually Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection is due to the Linksys router emitting low signal quality that cannot comply with your device especially if it is connected to multiple devices. 
  2. There could be other wireless network services that have their signals interfering with yours due to which your network is getting interrupted and consequently, slow. 
  3. The settings configured in the adapter could be outdated or inserted wrongly which is why it is not being able to associate itself with the router. 
  4. There could be a loss of electricity and power that is either stable or recurring due to which the internet connection is unable to get stable.
  5. There could be wires that connected or fixed loosely with the router due to which the connection is getting interrupted.
  6. The adapter or the settings of the router are not aligning with each other.
  7. The device’s driver or system is not entirely updated with its latest version. 
  8. The router is itself not updated and running on an old version that is incompatible.

Now that we have highlighted some of the common reasons due to which Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection so that they can be prevented and taken care of beforehand. 

Method to Solve the issue of Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection :


Method 1: Reset the device

To reset the router for configuration, hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. Then switch it on and off and connect it with the devices in a freshly new manner.

Method 2: Upgrade router’s firmware

One of the reasons why faulty connection keeps recurring could be because the firmware is running on an old version or the version might have gotten corrupted and needs to be updated. To update the firmware, go to the manufacturer’s website. 

Method 3: Update and alter router settings

The issue could be that two wireless networks might have a similar setting, through the portal or the application, review your settings and update them if needed. Altering the setting could also help the internet connection pick up the speed because it might be that the settings of two wireless networks are clashing and conflicting with each other. 

Method 4: Remember the essentials

  1. Make sure that all the wires connected to the router are tightly fixed and are at the appropriate place along with the main power outlet. 
  2. Make sure that the device you are using is in the same room as the router and is not separated through rooms or walls. 
  3. Keep in mind to not keep your wireless router around a few particular objects such as electronic devices, etc. 
  4. Make sure that your settings do not limit your internet usage due to which the issue of internet dropping is occurring. 
  5. Keep your system and the software drive updated and check for any corrupt files.
  6. If the issue persists then contact a professional.


Through the methods mentioned above, one can solve the issue without any hassle and fix it easily directly from their end as well as prevent an issue that might have occurred in the future.

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